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Brazilbased Gupy AI Softbank America Fund is Disrupting the Industry


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Artificial intelligence has revolutionized how businesses operate worldwide in recent years, and Brazil has been included. One of the most promising companies in the Brazilian AI market is Brazilbased Gupy AI Softbank America Fund, which has been attracting significant investments from top venture capital firms. In this article, we will explore the recent investment by SoftBank America Fund in Gupy AI.

What is Brazilbased Gupy AI Softbank America Fund?

Gupy AI is a Brazilian startup using AI technology to optimize and streamline recruitment. The platform helps companies find and hire the best candidates faster and more efficiently. Using AI algorithms, Gupy AI can identify the most qualified candidates from a large pool of resumes and even perform initial screenings and interviews automatically.

SoftBank America Fund’s Investment in Gupy AI

In early 2021, SoftBank America Fund invested $38 million in Gupy AI, making it the largest investor in the company. The investment came as part of Gupy AI’s Series B funding round, which also included participation from other top venture capital firms.

Brazilbased Gupy AI Softbank America Fund is a significant milestone for Gupy AI, as it will enable the company to expand its operations and grow its customer base. Gupy AI plans to use the funds to develop its platform further and invest in sales and marketing initiatives to attract new customers.

The Impact of SoftBank America Fund’s Investment

Brazilbased Gupy AI Softbank America Fund is a clear sign of the potential of the Brazilian AI market. With this investment, Gupy AI joins a select group of Brazilian AI startups that have attracted significant funding from top international venture capital firms.


What is Gupy?

Gupy is a Brazilian startup that uses artificial intelligence to streamline the HR recruitment process. Its platform uses machine learning algorithms to match job candidates with open positions based on their skills, experience, and other factors.

Who founded Gupy?

Gupy was founded in 2015 by Mariana Dias, who was frustrated with the inefficiencies of the recruitment process and set out to create a more efficient solution using AI.

What is SoftBank America Fund?

SoftBank America Fund is a venture capital firm that invests in technology startups around the world. The firm has invested in many high-profile companies, including Uber, WeWork, and Slack.

How much did SoftBank America Fund invest in Gupy?

SoftBank America Fund invested $38 million in Gupy in late 2020, marking one of the largest investments ever made in a Brazilian startup.

What are Gupy’s plans for the future?

With SoftBank’s investment, Gupy plans to continue its rapid growth and expansion into new markets. The company has already begun to explore opportunities in Europe and Asia, and it may expand its product offerings beyond HR recruitment.

Peerreviewed NHS 1.89M OctoberDecember

A peer-reviewed study conducted by the National Health Service (NHS) has revealed that 1.89 million cases of illness were recorded in the UK between October and December. The study, using NHS Digital data, shows the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on UK health.

The Study and Its Findings

The study, titled “Healthcare Activity and COVID-19: October-December 2022,” analyzed Peerreviewed NHS 1.89M OctoberDecember data on healthcare activity across the NHS, including general practitioner (GP) appointments, emergency department visits, and hospital admissions. The data showed that during the period of October-December, there were 1.89 million cases of illness recorded in the UK.

Sendit Snap Kit: A Revolutionary Tool for Snapchat Users to Share Content

sendit snap kit snapchat 3.5m snap
sendit snap kit snapchat 3.5m snap

Snapchat has become a popular social media platform, especially among younger generations, with over 500 million monthly active users. The app allows users to share photos and videos with their friends and followers, which disappear shortly. However, Snapchat has recently released a new tool called “Sendit Snap Kit Snapchat 3.5m Snap” that allows users to share their content more easily and widely.

What is Sendit Snap Kit?
Sendit Snap Kit is a new tool developed by Snapchat that allows third-party apps to integrate with Snapchat. With Sendit Snap Kit Snapchat 3.5m Snap, users can share their Snapchat stories, snaps, and camera features on other platforms. This integration allows users to share their content with a broader audience and provides a more seamless sharing experience.

How Does Sendit Snap Kit Work?
Sendit Snap Kit Snapchat 3.5m Snap provides a simple yet powerful API that developers can use to integrate Snapchat features into their apps. Developers can choose to incorporate various features, such as sending snaps, adding stickers, filters, and lenses, and creating stories. The integration process is straightforward and requires developers to register their app with Snapchat and obtain an access token to use the API.

Benefits of Sendit Snap Kit:
The Sendit Snap Kit Snapchat 3.5m Snap provides several benefits to Snapchat users, including:

Seamless Sharing: With Sendit Snap Kit, users can share their Snapchat content more easily and widely. They can share their stories and snaps on other social media platforms, messaging apps, and email.

Enhanced Experience: The integration of Snapchat features into other apps provides a more enhanced experience for users. They can use Snapchat filters, lenses, and stickers to make their content more engaging.

Increased Exposure: The integration of Snapchat features into other apps allows users to reach a broader audience. This exposure can help users gain more followers and increase their popularity on the platform.

Snapchat’s Partnership with Sendit:
Snapchat’s partnership with Sendit has been a successful one. Since the launch of Sendit Snap Kit, over 3.5 million snaps have been shared using the tool. The Sendit Snap Kit Snapchat 3.5m Snap tool has also helped Snapchat expand its reach and improve its user experience.

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