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Epic Games Gets Epically Fined £201million for Tricky In-Game Purchases


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Ouch! Authorities slap Epic Games with a whopping £201 million fine and force the company to stop duping players into making in-game purchases.

The fine comes after the European Commission (EC) investigated Epic Games for breaching EU competition law. The EC found that Epic Games misled players about the cost of in-game purchases and failed to adequately inform them about their right to cancel those purchases.

The EC just delivered Epic Games one of the biggest fines ever, making it crystal clear that illegal shenanigans are a no-go!

The European Commission has put its foot down and ordered Epic Games to stop duping players with sneaky in-game purchase promotions and to make it crystal clear that they can cancel those purchases. Epic Games, you are officially on notice! No more trickery or tomfoolery allowed.

The EC also found that Epic Games had imposed unfair terms and conditions on players, including the use of ‘Fortnite’s in-game currency, V-Bucks.

Oh snap! The EC caught Epic Games red-handed! They discovered that V-Bucks, the in-game currency, had no use in the real world, leaving players stuck in the game and unable to spend their hard-earned cash elsewhere. Epic Games effectively trapped their players like a fly in a spider’s web!

The EC has ordered Epic Games to make all terms and conditions regarding in-game purchases clear and to stop making misleading statements about the cost of those purchases.

Looks like Epic Games will be shelling out millions of euros to refund players for their sneaky in-game purchases that weren’t clearly explained. The European Commission has ordered them to pay up!

Epic Games has a history of getting in trouble with the EC. They were fined €10 million euros back in 2018 for not telling players enough about the game and its rules. Looks like they still haven’t learned their lesson!

This latest fine and the orders to stop misleading players are likely to cause Epic Games to rethink its practices. The company will now need to ensure that it provides clear information to players about the cost of in-game purchases and its terms and conditions.

The EC’s decision is likely to have a major impact on the gaming industry, with other companies likely to take heed and ensure that they follow the correct practices to avoid similar penalties.

The fine and orders to stop misleading players are also likely to have a positive impact on gamers, as they will now be able to make informed choices about the games they play and the in-game purchases they make.

Ultimately, the EC’s decision serves as a reminder that companies must adhere to the law and treat players fairly. Hey gaming industry, listen up! The European Commission is sending a clear message that illegal practices will not be tolerated. So, play fair or prepare to pay the price!

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