2024 Dog Tracker: Real-Time Tracking for Suburbia

2024 Dog Tracker: Real-Time Tracking for Suburbia

Life in the suburbs is slower than in the city. People take their dogs out to play in their leisure time. While dogs are running freely, some pet owners worry about their dogs’ safety.

However, cellular signals are weak in the suburbs and most trackers cannot track dogs in real time.

Pet owners also need to pay a monthly subscription fee after purchasing these pet trackers. However, without a cellular signal, the pet tracker cannot work properly. It is a useless paid tool for pet owners.

Are there any pet trackers on the market that don’t use cellular networks? We surveyed many tracker brands and finally found a dog GPS tracker that doesn’t rely on cellular signals: the Aorkuler.

Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker

The Aorkuler dog tracker uses GPS, Bluetooth, and radio technology and it does not require the pet owner to download a mobile app.

The tracker connects to a controller allowing pet owners can view their dog’s location information in real-time on the controller’s screen.

When the dog is close to the pet owner, the tracker and the controller connect via Bluetooth and the controller’s screen will display “nearby”.

When the dog is far away, the GPS updates the dog’s location and transmits the data to the controller using radio technology. The controller’s screen shows the exact direction and distance of the dog.

Cellular signals are weak in suburban areas, and cell phones sometimes don’t work. Pet owners may not be able to use the app when they want to check their dog’s location. 

But the Aorkuler pet tracker uses the controller. Pet owners can check their dog’s location at any time.

Aorkuler dog GPS tracker doesn’t need to use a cellular network to work. So, it can track your dog’s location in real-time in the suburbs. Additionally, pet owners don’t need to pay monthly subscription fees.

Its pet tracker is waterproof with an IP67 rating. There are puddles in the suburbs after rain, and naughty dogs may jump in and play. The tracker can still transmit location data even after it’s waterlogged.

In addition to that, Aorkuler dog GPS tracker has sound and night flash functions. We found pet owners online sharing their reviews about training their dogs with the sound feature of this pet tracker. So, pet owners can also make full use of this feature.

First, the pet owner turns on the sound feature when the dog is nearby. Then call the dog to come to the side and feed them the dog snacks. 

Finally, keep repeating the above behavior and the dog will come back to the owner after hearing the sound of the tracker.

When the dog is nearby and the pet owner turns on the sound function and it does not appear, it may be hiding or injured. At this time, the pet owner can find the dog according to the sound from the tracker.

If the line of sight is not good, the pet owner can use the night flash function. Then find the dog according to the place where the light flashes.

It is worth noting that the positioning of the Aorkuler pet tracker will be affected in dense forests. In fact, most of the pet trackers that use GPS to locate are the same as it.

This is because, in places with more trees, the GPS signal will be blocked. This leads to inaccurate positioning of the pet tracker at some times.


The Aorkuler pet tracker doesn’t require a cellular network or subscription fees to track your dog in real-time in the suburbs. Making it an excellent choice for pet owners living in the suburbs.