4 Reasons to Plant at Least One Tree in Your Yard Right Now

4 Reasons to Plant at Least One Tree in Your Yard Right Now

Trees, both large and small, play an incredibly pivotal role in the ability for human beings, as well as most other species, to be able to breathe and live at all. 

An essential component of the earth’s ecosystem and an incredibly simple task to complete, planting a tree in your own yard comes with a unique range of advantages, and to encourage you to get outside and put your yarding gloves on, read on!

Here are four key reasons to plant at least one tree in your yard, right now. 

  1. Trees Improve the Air Quality 

Firstly, the more trees and other shrubs and bushes surrounding your property, the cleaner and fresher the air will be. This is why many people, after experiencing an illness or fighting a serious disease, typically choose to move to the countryside rather than stay in the city. 

Trees are the largest natural filters of air the planet has, and not only do the branches and leaves automatically catch a great deal of the dirt, dust, and debris present in the atmosphere, but the fumes from air pollution also remain on the surface of the leaves.

  1. Trees Remind You of Childhood 

Interestingly, the oldest tree in the UK is located in the country of Perthshire and is known as ‘The Fortingall Yew’, believed to be between two and three thousand years old.

The Fortingall Yew is an excellent example of how important trees are in another way, and that is to the background and setting of childhood and, subsequently, a place for your children to play. A tree tells a story through its appearance, and the rings around the trunk and are perhaps the sturdiest natural structure of them all. 

  1. Trees Offer Privacy & Security

When considering whether you will be planting one tree or more in your backyard, think about the range of positive benefits you personally and the rest of your family will experience as the tree grows and matures.

Trees, especially well-placed around the yard’s perimeter (both on the front and the back lawn), offer a sense of peace, tranquility, and privacy, allowing you to truly relax in your outdoor space. If you get a lot of sun in your yard, it is also an opportunity to add some natural shade, rather than building structures.

  1. Trees Are Home to a Multitude of Wildlife

Whether you are a self-confessed animal lover or not, you cannot deny the importance of the natural circle of life continuing, both for the short-term and long after you are gone, and planting just one tree on your property will provide shelter for a multitude of different animals. 

Doing your bit for the environment and the natural world by planting a tree will also help reduce the harmful and worrying Greenhouse effect manmade structures and processes are having on the atmosphere and will serve to reduce your personal carbon footprint too. 

Finally, you should also remember that just one tree provides enough fresh oxygen for ten human beings!