5 Elegant Themes for Your Wedding

5 Elegant Themes for Your Wedding

Elegance and weddings are two things that pair exceptionally well together. Plus, getting all dolled up and radiant for a top-notch celebration is fun!

If you’re looking to add a touch of refinement and flair to your big day, we’ve got five elegant ideas for your wedding theme. For a blend of excitement and elegance, consider a Las Vegas Wedding Chapel theme, where the glamour of the iconic city meets refined sophistication, ensuring your day is unforgettable in every sense.

These luxe affairs are not only guaranteed to elevate your big day, they’re also a ton of fun. From venue to décor and dress, here are five elite and elegant wedding themes and everything you need to pull them off.

Best Dressed

Before getting into it, it’s worth noting: To pull off any themed wedding, you have to ensure your guests know what they’re in for so they can dress appropriately.

Be specific about how you want your guests to dress in the invitations, and include examples. You can list certain relevant movies for dress inspo, or include descriptions of the exact style of clothing and accessories expected.

The wedding gown and bridesmaid’s dresses need to be up to par as well. Bella Bridesmaids has an incredible selection of dresses, their collection spans all styles and eras. Check them out, they have dresses ideal for each of these discerning themes. 

1. Great Gatsby Glam

The roaring 20s were a time of prosperity and exuberance. Though prohibition was in full swing, it didn’t stop people from hedonistic indulgence. Glam reigned supreme, thriving to the upbeat tune of jazz in low-lit speakeasies.

Recreating this atmosphere isn’t hard. The ticket is to find a historic hotel, bar, or venue with an art deco flair. Vintage furniture is ideal, especially if it’s from the 1920s complete with gentle curved edges and a shiny lacquered finish.

Lighting is important too. Rather than vying for natural light, you want low yet warm lighting.

Then all that’s left to do is release the red lipstick, sequins, feathers, cocktails and jazz. 

Flapper dresses, dresses with scalloped detail, dresses with sequins and fringe, glittery dresses—all those fit perfectly into the theme.

2. Black Tie

If you’re someone who can’t get enough of Hollywood’s upscale award ceremonies, gorgeous dresses and lavish displays of elegance, it’s only natural that you’d gravitate to a black-tie wedding.

These formal get-togethers are right at home in a grand ballroom, sprawling hotel, or historic mansion. Any place that boasts high-ceilings and a collection of chandeliers.

A black-tie event is curated to show only the best, so even the floral arrangements are displayed in a well-managed controlled manner. Candlelight and glittering glassware contribute to the minimal yet sophisticated appeal.

When serving food, the meal should be three courses or more, and plated with utmost care. 

The dresses at these events are ultra-glam. Think sweeping floor length gowns, the type Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor would wear.

3. Masquerade Ball

Originating in the 15th century, there’s something both alluring and exciting about a masquerade party. It’s a chance to get all dressed up, while still retaining an air of mystique.

This is another theme that demands a grand venue. Chandeliers and baroque style furniture—the type with those fancy wood carved feet—and a solid dance floor are all crucial components. 

This theme is big on rich textures such as velvet and light reflecting fabrics, like satin. It also incorporates a hefty dose of ornate touches in gold and other shiny metals.

Evening gowns or fancy cocktail dresses in deep saturated colors are the perfect garment for a masquerade ball. And of course, don’t forget the mask!

4. Enchanted Garden Soirée

Like a fairytale, your enchanted garden soiree weaves nature into the mix. Perhaps you host it in a well-manicured English garden that includes a fountain tumbling into a marble pool, complete with a pair of swans.

Hire a trio of violinists to play soft classical music. Don’t hold back, let the florals be abundant and intentional. Include little details like café lights. If you’re serving finger sandwiches and cocktails, be as mindful about the presentation as you are about the taste.

Posh lawn games like croquet or badminton can be a fun addition.

Tea length or midi dresses are ideal. A soft pastel or refined floral pattern looks right at home. Since these events are typically outdoors, dress for the weather.

5. Romantic Rendezvous 

A romantic rendezvous style wedding is a marriage of two classics: love and luxury. Nothing says “love” quite like getting married, and roses, chocolate, velvet and silks all allude to the greatest thing of all.

The venue doesn’t have to be vintage. You could even host your romantic wedding rendezvous in a refurbished barn, or an indoor-outdoor area. Just include dozens of sweet smelling red roses and of course—classic love songs are a must.

This theme is a perfect way for you to express your interpretation of both love and elegance.

The dresses should be romantic. Perhaps this includes a V-neck fitted bodice with a cascading flowy floor-length dress. Or maybe it’s a luxe satin slip dress.

Again, this heartfelt theme leaves plenty of room for interpretation. 


From venue to dress and décor, the details matter. Hopefully you’re inspired to pick your favorite and dive right in. We’re certain no matter what theme you choose, your big day is going to be extraordinary.