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5 Knit Father's Day Gifts

5 Knit Father's Day Gifts

Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate your hero. The man that guided you through, held you in difficult times and warms your heart deserves a special gift. Handmade or hand-knit or crocheted gifts are special. With your knitting needles, crochet hooks and accessories, get ready to surprise him. With a few days at hand, it is not too late to dive into gift-knitting. Get your knitting supplies and yarn. Your dad’s favorite colors will do. If you have been knitting for long, browse the stash for assortment of colors and yarns. Or, get a skein or two from your favorite LYS.

Here are a few gifts that can be knitted in a few hours or the weekend at the most. If you are skilled with a crochet hook, you can still make these patterns. They are simple to construct with any single-ended crochet hooks. Even if you have any interchangeable Tunisian hooks, you can work with them but don’t attach the cord unless you are working the Tunisian crochet patterns. So, let’s get started.

Knitted Tie

A stylish and unique gift for Father's Day is a hand-knitted tie. Choose a soft and luxurious yarn in your dad's favorite color or a classic neutral shade. Knit a sleek and slim tie pattern, and your dad will have a one-of-a-kind accessory to wear on special occasions.

Use any pair of single pointed needles or circulars to work on a garter or Stockinette pattern. You simply knit a long piece of yarn fabric back and forth and there is no need of seaming. Knitted ties have a better drape than crocheted ones. Use your father’s favorite colors or work with motifs of hearts, golf clubs and anything that makes him feel special.

Knitted Coffee Cozy

If your dad is a coffee lover, a knitted coffee cozy is a thoughtful and practical gift. Select a durable yarn and knit a cozy sleeve that fits his favorite coffee mug perfectly. Add some fun details like a cable pattern or his initials for a personalized touch.

You can crochet one. With any of your regular crochet hooks and some yarn you can fashion a pair of cozies in an hour. With any of the basic crochet stitches you can make a cozy. Work with different colors or motifs to personalize it for your dad.

For dads who enjoy a cold beer, a knitted beer koozie can be a great gift. Use a thick and insulating yarn to keep the beer cold while providing a comfortable grip. You can experiment with different stitch patterns or incorporate his favorite sports team's colors to make it even more special.

Knitted Smartphone Case

If your dad is always on his phone, a knitted smartphone case can be a practical and stylish gift. Choose a soft and protective yarn, and knit a case that fits his phone model perfectly. Consider adding a button or a flap closure to keep the phone secure. Simple in construction you can knit the case with STNs or circulars back and forth with either different yarns or once again with a motif. Get your measurements right and choose a stitch pattern that is stretchy.

You can also crochet the case but then again work with the right measurements and the stitch pattern. Crocheted fabric can be a little textured so make sure your dad won’t feel any inconvenience.

Knitted Slippers

Treat your dad's feet with cozy knitted slippers. Select a soft and warm yarn, and choose a slipper pattern that suits his style and comfort. Customize the slippers by knitting his initials or a simple design on the front. He'll appreciate the warmth and comfort they provide, especially during the colder months.

Crocheting slippers is a good deal, as the fabric is dense and textured. You can make it at one go and assemble them with a wool needle.

If you are a proficient sock maker, then pair up the socks with the slippers. You can knit with a set of double pointed needles or the magic loop technique.

Cozy Cardigan

A cardigan knit or crocheted with a chunky wool gets done easily and makes for a very special gift. You can make your own chunky wool by taking two yarn strands from your stash. With the right measurements and a casual look you can work up the project in a day or two at the most.

Remember, when knitting these gifts, be sure to take your dad's preferences and style into account. Handmade gifts are extra special, and your dad will appreciate the time and effort you put into creating something unique just for him.

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