5 Types of Cannabis Products You Might Enjoy

5 Types of Cannabis Products You Might Enjoy

Cannabis use has gone mainstream in the last decade. Twenty four states have fully legalized marijuana, and at least a dozen more have embraced medical marijuana use. Other states have not made it legal but have decriminalized it.

Although the federal government still hasn’t made cannabis legal, it allows individual states to set their own standards. If you live in the U.S., chances are cannabis is available for your use in some manner. 

Although you may have used cannabis, you may not realize how many product choices you have. It turns out there are many ways to take advantage of marijuana. 

Below are a few types of cannabis products you will likely enjoy: 

1. Flower

You are probably the most familiar with the cannabis flower, bud. This plant part is the most potent; you usually smoke or vape it. The high levels of THC and CBD make the flower attractive to many users. If you want a fast and lasting high, then using cannabis flower is the way to go. It’s also the form that many cannabis newbies use for the first time. 

Flower comes in several types. This product is sold as larger, separate buds, smaller popcorn buds, and shake, also known as loose flower. Some people choose to buy pre-rolled joints. Flower is the most popular choice among cannabis users. 

If you are an advanced weed enthusiast, you might appreciate the Stardust Kief Coating Machine, which infuses joints with kief for a more intense experience. More details about Stardust are available on the Sorting Robotics website.

If you’re unsure of which type of cannabis flowers to purchase, consult with a friend who uses marijuana. There are also employees at dispensaries who can answer your questions. 

2. Edibles

Edible products are a tasty alternative to smoking or vaping marijuana. They include any food or drink that contains cannabis. Examples of edibles include cookies, canned beverages, and gummies. 

Many people do not want to smoke or vape due to health concerns or personal preference. Edibles do not have the immediate effects that smoking and vaping have. Instead, people experience a high that grows slowly. 

Consuming cannabis this way does affect many people differently. It may lead to more powerful effects than other forms of marijuana. Keep in mind that it’s essential to be cautious when trying edibles. Ease into eating them as opposed to consuming a lot right away. Guage to see how how your body processes them. 

Although rare, some people become ediblocked. This means you consume marijuana but do not feel its effects. In this case, do not continue to eat edibles. Just because you don’t experience the high does not mean it won’t affect your body. 

3. Concentrates

Concentrates are a form of cannabis designed to be used in a vape. The vaper feels immediate effects from this flavored form of the drug that comes in “pods.” Pods are small cartridges filled with cannabis oil.  HIBEGONE explains more about concentrates and how they work. 


Vaping cannabis is much the same as vaping tobacco. The vape is a small appliance that runs on batteries and does not require a lighter. It’s easy to use almost anywhere, which is ideal for cannabis users. It’s discreet and does not leave a tell-tale smoke trail behind.

4. Topicals

People have long recognized the pain-relieving effects of cannabis. This benefit led to the development of topical creams, balms, and lotions containing marijuana. These items are sold as alternatives to traditional arthritis and muscle pain products. 

Research shows that humans have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that delivers the benefits of topical marijuana throughout the body. Product users praise CBD and THC for their superior pain relief.

5. Reset Your Cannabis Tolerance Using Various Products

Experts recommend taking breaks from marijuana use now and then to help improve your experience when you resume use. Your body should need less cannabis to get results if you do. You can also try going longer periods between use.

Using a variety of products can help you reset your cannabis tolerance. Changing things up with concentrates, edibles, etc., can help you make this adjustment. Resetting your tolerance helps keep you in control of your cannabis use. And thus, your cannabis experience is more fulfilling. 

Final Thoughts

Although not every state has made cannabis use fully legal, most have endorsed it in some fashion. Many lawmakers are moving slowly, but federal legalization should come this decade. 

Many cities already have legal dispensaries on every other corner. This availability means that you can enjoy cannabis in multiple favorable forms. You should feel free to experiment with numerous products. After selecting various products, choose the types that suit your physical and emotional needs. That way, you can take advantage of the many benefits of cannabis.