6 Benefits for Using Artificial Turf as Lawns

6 Benefits for Using Artificial Turf as Lawns

Synthetic grass installation can aesthetically and functionally benefit both commercial and residential properties. While it resembles natural grass, artificial turf remains green all year long regardless of its location. It is suitable for families, events, and pets and can withstand the frequent traffic associated with sports and recreational activities. Here are some of the benefits of using artificial turf:

1. Weather Resistance

The materials used to design high-quality artificial turf products are synthetic and resistant to the effects of environmental factors. Some manufacturers add UV protection to protect their artificial grass from prolonged sunlight. This protective feature helps maintain the turf’s color vibrancy and overall appearance over time, even in sunny climates.

2. Longevity and Reusability

With proper installation and care, synthetic turf can last on your property for many years. This landscaping solution is made from durable materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, or nylon. These fibers are resistant to wear and tear to help maintain the product’s integrity. Synthetic turf also uses a blend of colors that stays green all year round, providing a long-lasting, attractive appearance.

Artificial turf can be installed and removed relatively easily, making it reusable for different projects or events like company gatherings and community fairs. This versatility reduces waste and allows for efficient use of materials. At the end of their lifespan, some synthetic turf components may also be recycled or reused in new products.

3. Low-maintenance

Aside from the occasional sweeping and rinsing to remove debris, artificial turf care is generally easy and cost-effective. Artificial grass is not susceptible to diseases or fungal infections that can compromise its appearance. Instead of spending resources on fungicides or lawn nourishment to prevent discoloration, patchiness, and browning, switch to synthetic turfs for enhanced results. Synthetic lawns provide a clean and consistent finish, stopping the spread of mud and weeds.

4. Environmental Sustainability

Artificial turf does not require frequent watering to thrive. This significantly reduces water consumption, conserving a precious resource, especially in arid regions or during droughts. Artificial grass eliminates the need for chemical pesticides or herbicides to control pests, weeds, or diseases. This can reduce chemical runoff into waterways and minimize environmental pollution. It also does not require fertilizer for growth, reducing the reliance on chemical fertilizers.

5. Safety

Synthetic grass is ideal for schools, playgrounds, and sports fields due to its cushioned landscape. The soft and padded surface helps protect children and pets when they trip or fall. It provides a stable, consistent playing surface with even traction and predictable ball bounce. Synthetic grass can also discourage dogs from digging and creating holes that create potential tripping hazards. 

Artificial turf does not produce pollen, making it an ideal choice for individuals with pollen allergies who may experience respiratory issues on natural grass fields. It eliminates the presence of potentially harmful plants, like poison ivy or thorny weeds, which can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Some synthetic turf products are also treated with anti-bacterial coatings or materials that inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This helps reduce the risk of infections or skin irritations associated with microbial growth.

6. Drainage

The drainage capabilities of synthetic turf contribute to its functionality, durability, and overall usability. The turf is designed with a network of drainage channels and perforations in the backing that allow water to flow through quickly. This feature drains water properly when cleaning and when it rains, preventing pooling and mud formation.

Work With an Artificial Turf Company

Synthetic grass companies offer a comprehensive selection of products and services, including design and installation services. Look for experienced specialists, whether you are replacing your natural lawn or building a playground for your kids and pets. Professionally installed artificial turf helps provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing landscape for many years. Contact a professional to help you find a turf product that meets your needs.