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7 Tips and Tricks to Knit with Double-Pointed Needles

Tips to knit with Double Pointed Needles like a Pro

Knitting with double-pointed needles is fun. You can make the smallest circumference with your set of needles. A few tricks up your sleeves. Double-pointed needles work in a set to smoothly knit even the smallest circumference. The set of five needles works together to knit in the round. While three or four needles form the diameter, the extra needle is used to knit. Whether you are knitting with DPNs for the first time or for the nth time, with these tips you will enjoy knitting and always have neat projects on hand.

The first time you try knitting with double-pointed needles (DPNs) it can feel like juggling with sharp knives or wrestling with a porcupine because of the multiple pointy tips. But, as you get into the habit, you’ll find the stitches flowing.

1. Cast on stitches on one needle and then divide evenly

Many knitters and videos will tell you to cast on stitches on all the DPNs that you will be knitting with for the seamless project. But, this becomes tough and tricky. It’s best that you cast on stitches on one needle and transfer them to other stitches. For example, if you need to cast 30 stitches, do it on one needle and then divide them evenly- 10 stitches on three needles. If you need to work with four needles for the circumference, divide 8 stitches on two needles and 7 stitches on the other two. Make sure to not drop any stitches while you transfer and tug the yarn tightly.

2. Make sure to tighten up the second stitch on every knitting needle to avoid laddering

Ladders are a common knitting problem when you work with double-pointed needles. Avoid this gap by tightening up the second stitch. Making tight stitches on the start of the round is not recommended, either the second stitch on every knitting needle or the last stitch of the round.

3. Invisible join by slipping a stitch

When joining the DPNs for a round, do not knit the last stitch but simply slip the stitch on the next needle. It will make a neat and invisible join. You need to plan this at the very start of the project. You need to cast an extra stitch. There are also many other methods to join the yarn in rounds but trying this trick will help avoid ladders which are a common problem when knitting with double points. You can also work with other methods to invisibly join the round.

4. Re-arrange the stitches on the needle arrangement

After knitting a round or a few, re-arrange the stitches on the needle arrangement. Just make sure the working needle (the one needle you knit with) is on top of the knitting project. While you move the stitches, make sure that you have placed a stitch marker to mark the start of the round.

5. Always knit a gauge swatch

A trick to knit like a pro with not just double-pointed needles but any knitting needle is always knit a gauge swatch. A swatch will help you in multiple ways. You can calculate how much yarn you’ll need for a project, your knitting tension and how the yarn behaves with the needles. It is much more helpful if you knit the gauge in the round too.

6. Add Stitch Markers the Right Way

Stitch markers assist with knitting. When working with double-pointed needles for knitting in the round, the tail of the yarn used to cast-on stitches will always help you identify your first needle.

7. Invest in the Right Set of Double Pointed Knitting Needles

When it comes to good-quality knits, it is important that you start with good-quality ingredients. Double-pointed knitting needles come in premium ebony wood is one of the precious knitting materials. The smooth surfaces enjoy a liquid-silk finish while the points have honed to perfection that does not allow the yarn to be damaged but at the same time makes stitches flow.

The same goes for other knitting accessories aka knitting essentials such as scissors, stitch markers, row counters, needle sets, etc. Invest in quality as they will reflect their finesse in the projects.

If you follow these 7 knitting tricks, very soon you’ll be reaching out for your double-pointed knitting needles for any seamless knitting projects. If you want to invest in your craft, knitting needle sets are your best bet. One kit contains multiple sizes and even lengths that allow you to tackle multiple projects.

For all your craft needs including a smooth crocheting experience, explore the Lantern Moon collection for premium knitting needles. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, the needles reflect superior craftsmanship. Made from prized ebony wood, the tools and accessories have a velvety finish that is smooth in the hands of the maker.




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