What does it take to become a Disney travel agent?

disney travel agent

Becoming a remote travel agent is a popular side hustle that has grown in interest since the pandemic. Today, people expect to book vacations online without talking to an agent directly. Disney, however, is the exception. Disney agents provide exceptionally personalized vacations, thus prompting the need to speak with an agent directly in numerous cases. 

Thankfully, customer relationship management systems make talking with an agent straightforward. Part of an agent’s training is brushing up on effective communication to provide clients with the answers they need to their questions. Although direct customer interactions set Disney travel agents apart from other remote agencies, this distinction does not complicate the process of becoming a Disney travel agent.

It’s relatively easy to start working as an independent travel agent for Disney. By joining an agency program accepted by Disney, agents can access training materials and start booking clients within 48 hours. For more on what it takes to develop your Disney travel agent profession, continue reading. 

Join a travel agency with a Disney-affiliated training program. 

To become a Disney travel agent, join a program affiliated with Disney. Depending on the program, you may pay a one-time enrollment fee. With your enrollment, you’ll access the training materials you need to start booking clients. You’ll take quizzes, watch PowerPoint presentations, and learn everything you need to know

Market your services as a Disney travel agent profession. 

The next step to becoming a professional Disney travel agent is marketing your services. Set up social media platforms to start making connections with future Disney clients. Be sure to update your followers on any promotions to make their vacations more affordable. Engage with your followers to market your services successfully, and ask for positive reviews to help you grow in your Disney travel agent profession

Set up your payment receival methods.

As you dive further into your Disney travel agent profession, you’ll learn that payment for booking services only comes into play once your clients have returned home from their vacation; this accounts for possible cancellations. Have your payment receival methods set up for direct deposit. Depending on the agency and program, it is possible to receive payment through other systems, like Venmo or Paypal. Check with the agency you represent before setting up your commission tracking and payment receival methods. 

Learn as much as you can and train at your own pace.

You must learn the materials for booking clients to succeed in your Disney travel agent profession. You want to be able to answer all of your clients’ questions, memorize cruise lines, and recommend vacation packages for specific family interests. The program is self-paced, so take your time learning the ropes to book client vacations easily. 

Enroll and train, become a travel agent, and get clients.

As you develop your skills for your Disney travel agent profession, you’ll gain opportunities to make commissions and land more leads on new clients. Start your training today by signing up for a Disney-affiliated training program through a trusted travel agency.