Elevate Your Environment with the Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight

Elevate Your Environment with the Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight

The Mardome Rooflight on Builders Upstand exemplifies the ingenuity and usefulness found in contemporary architectural design. By seamlessly blending attractive aesthetics with functionality, this Rooflight presents an optimal answer for infusing natural light and ventilation into a variety of spaces, ranging from residential dwellings to commercial structures. Within this comprehensive manual, we explore the characteristics, advantages, installation procedure, and maintenance considerations of the Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight on Builders Upstand. Whether you are an architect, builder, or homeowner, this guide equips you with the necessary knowledge to seamlessly incorporate this adaptable Rooflight into your upcoming project.

Understanding the Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight

The Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight on Builders Upstand is a top-tier Rooflight system crafted to elevate the visual appeal and practicality of any structure. By blending superior materials with user-friendly features, this innovative design is a perfect option for bringing natural light and ventilation into indoor areas.

Let’s explore the key components of this Rooflight system

High-Quality Materials

The Mardome Glass Rooflight is equipped with a sturdy aluminum frame and a top-quality glass pane, guaranteeing long-lasting durability. The toughened glass enhances clarity and strength, while the aluminum frame provides structural stability and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Manual Opening Mechanism

The Mardome Glass Rooflight stands apart from fixed roof lights due to its unique manual opening mechanism, which enables precise control over ventilation and airflow. This characteristic proves especially beneficial in areas where natural ventilation is sought after, including kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial establishments.

Builders Upstand 

The installation process of the Rooflight is made easier and more secure by using a pre-fabricated builder’s upstand. This upstand is designed to fit different roof types and pitches, offering flexibility in both design and installation. It also guarantees a watertight seal, ensuring the durability and reliability of the Rooflight.

Sleek Design

The Mardome Glass Rooflight enhances the aesthetic appeal of any building with its sleek profile and minimalist design. Its seamless integration into both traditional and modern architectural styles adds a touch of contemporary elegance to the property.

Benefits of the Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight

The Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight offers a range of benefits that make it a popular choice among architects, builders, and homeowners alike. Here are some of the key advantages.

Natural Light

By introducing natural light into interior spaces, the Mardome Glass Rooflight creates bright, inviting environments that promote productivity, mood, and well-being. Its high-performance glass pane allows maximum light transmission while minimizing glare and UV exposure.


The manual opening mechanism allows for controlled ventilation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and improve air quality. This is especially beneficial in areas prone to humidity or odors, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial kitchens.

Energy Efficiency

By harnessing natural light and ventilation, the Mardome Glass Rooflight helps reduce the reliance on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation systems, thus lowering energy consumption and utility costs. Its thermally efficient design also helps to minimize heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, further enhancing energy efficiency.


Whether installed in residential homes, offices, or retail spaces, the Mardome Glass Rooflight offers versatile solutions for introducing natural light and ventilation into various environments. Its customizable options, such as size, glazing, and opening mechanism, allow for tailored solutions to suit specific requirements and design preferences.

Installation Process

Installing the Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight on Builders Upstand is a straightforward process, thanks to its innovative design and pre-fabricated components. Here’s an overview of the typical installation process.

Site Preparation

Before installation begins, the roof area must be prepared to accommodate the builder’s upstand. This may involve removing existing roofing materials, reinforcing the roof structure, and ensuring a level and stable base for the upstand.

Upstand Installation 

The pre-fabricated builder’s upstand is positioned and secured onto the roof surface using appropriate fixings and sealants. Care is taken to ensure that the upstand is level and watertight to prevent any water ingress.

Rooflight Assembly

The Mardome Glass Rooflight is assembled according to the manufacturer’s instructions, with the glass pane securely fitted into the aluminum frame. Any necessary accessories, such as handles and locking mechanisms, are also installed at this stage.

Fixing the Rooflight 

Once assembled, the Rooflight is carefully positioned onto the builder’s upstand and secured in place using fixings provided. Sealant is applied around the perimeter of the Rooflight to create a watertight seal and prevent any potential leaks.

Testing and Adjustment 

The Rooflight is tested to ensure smooth operation of the manual opening mechanism and proper alignment with the upstand. Any adjustments or fine-tuning are made as necessary to achieve optimal performance.

Maintenance Considerations

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of the Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight on Builders Upstand. Here are some maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Regular Cleaning 

Periodic cleaning of the glass pane and aluminum frame helps to maintain clarity and aesthetics while preventing the buildup of dirt, debris, and pollutants. Use a mild detergent and water solution, along with a soft cloth or sponge, to gently clean the surface of the Rooflight.


Conduct regular inspections of the Rooflight to check for any signs of damage, wear, or deterioration. Pay attention to the condition of the sealant, fixings, and moving parts, and address any issues promptly to prevent further damage or water ingress.


Lubricate the moving parts of the manual opening mechanism, such as hinges and handles, to ensure smooth operation and prevent friction-related wear. Use a silicone-based lubricant or grease recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance.

Sealant Replacement 

Periodically inspect the sealant around the perimeter of the Rooflight and replace it if signs of deterioration or damage are observed. Proper sealing is crucial for maintaining a watertight barrier and preventing leaks, especially in areas prone to heavy rainfall or snow.


The Mardome Glass Manual Opening Rooflight on Builders Upstand provides a flexible and practical solution for introducing natural light and ventilation into different areas. Its top-notch materials, sleek design, and easy installation make it an excellent choice for architects, builders, and homeowners who want to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of their properties. Whether it’s installed in residential homes, commercial buildings, or public spaces, the Mardome Glass Rooflight offers exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and versatility. Experience the beauty and functionality of the Mardome Glass Rooflight today, and enjoy the benefits of natural light and ventilation for years to come.