Embracing Life’s Transitions in Care Homes

Embracing Life's Transitions in Care Homes

Changes happen all the time in life – they have to, otherwise you’d never get anywhere and never grow as a person. However, sometimes it’s hard to deal with changes, especially big ones, and even when you know the outcome will be positive, the change itself is hard to handle, and moving into a care home is a great example of that. It’s always going to be an emotional time, and when you add the fact that there might even be more changes when you’re actually living in the care home, it can be something you worry about. 

The good news is, if you just learn to embrace life’s transitions, there’s nothing to worry about at all – being in a good care home means you’re safe and protected no matter what happens. Read on to find out more. 

You’ll Be With Friends 

One of the most important things about living in a care home such as a Signature care home in Farnham Common is that you’ll be with lots of other people, and you’ll be able to make friends, especially when you realize that you have a lot in common because you’re going to the same activities and joining in with the same outings, and so on. 

Changes are going to happen no matter what you do – as we said, that’s just a part of life – but when you have good friends around you, it’s far easier to deal with those changes; talking to someone about how you’re feeling can make all the difference. The fact that when you’re in a care home you can make some wonderful friends does help with that.

Great Staff

Making friends with other residents is important, and you’ll be able to do it from the day you move in, depending on what you’re looking for and who else is living in the care home. However, it’s also important to let the staff help you, especially if you’re having to tackle some transitions in life and need someone to talk to. 

The great thing about good staff is that they’ll be more than willing to listen to what you have to say, and they’ll know what to do in response – it might be that they can make some adjustments to ensure the transition is easier, for example, or perhaps they can make some suggestions about what activities you could do or how you can feel better. They might even be able to talk to their peers and work out a better (personalized) care routine for you. Whatever is needed, good staff will know what to do to help you, so always make sure you speak to them about whatever you need.

Make Changes Happen

Sometimes changes happen to you, and you don’t have any say in the matter, which can be good or bad. However, it’s also possible to make changes happen, and they’ll generally be positive ones, so why not do exactly that? Why not make positive changes happen to you, so you’re the one in control? 
There will be all kinds of opportunities for you at a good care home, including plenty of activities and opportunities to learn new skills. That kind of change can be good for your happiness and wellbeing and your mental health (and potentially your physical health, too), so it’s worth exploring further; when you’re in control, you can start to make things happen for you.