Finding The Best Marriage Counselor In Denver: Tips And Resources

Finding The Best Marriage Counselor In Denver

Marriage counseling is the name for a process in which a neutral third party seeks to equip a couple with the tools and skills needed to solidify their relationship through improved communication and interpersonal conflict resolution. Also known as couples therapy, counseling can help any partnership, whether they’re married or not. While marriage therapy can benefit even rock-solid relationships, it’s particularly helpful for couples who find themselves repeatedly having the same arguments or continuously struggling to communicate effectively.

Have you decided couples therapy could benefit your marriage? These tips will guide you to finding the right marriage counseling Denver like Colorado Relationship Recovery.

Where to Start Looking

There’s no one size fits all therapist for couples. There are different styles of counselors, each with their own specialization and credentials.

  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist: Marriage counselors with master’s degrees who work with couples experiencing relationship problems.
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker: While social workers do work with couples and families, they are focused primarily on social development.
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor: Therapists who offer counseling focused on personal development or overcoming mental health issues.
  • Psychologist: Therapists with Phds who help couples with mental health diagnoses and treatment.

Knowing where to start looking is the most important part of navigating this landscape that can feel overwhelming. Start with asking trusted family and friends for referrals. Counselors who come on the recommendation of someone you trust will help start the process off on the right foot.

If your social circle doesn’t have any recommendations, or if you don’t feel comfortable asking, search credible databases such as The AAMFT or the NRMFT.

Decide on Goals With Your Spouse

Couples who successfully go through marriage therapy start off by deciding together what they want to get from the experience. Coming up with a come up plan as a team will keep you focussed on the problems to overcome instead of devolving into the blame game. 

Having a shared goal will keep the priority on “us vs. the problem” and keep the conversation from becoming about who’s “right” or “winning” arguments.

Think About the Logistics of Marriage Counseling in Denver

There are several practical matters to consider when deciding on a couples therapist. Even if you find a perfect counselor, the process can’t help your marriage if it can’t fit in your life.

  • Location: Denver is a big city with several far-flung neighborhoods. Minimizing travel makes attending appointments much less stressful and reduces the overall time commitment and life disruption.
  • Scheduling: Does their appointment availability work for your life? Those with hectic lives, especially those with demanding jobs or children, should try to find a therapist with weekend or evening hours.
  • Insurance coverage: It’s a simple fact that marriage counseling costs money and it can be a significant investment. Find a therapist who is in-network for your insurance or bills on a sliding scale according to the patient’s financial circumstances.

Interview Your Counselor

Finally, once you’ve decided on a Denver marriage counselor, don’t be afraid to interview them. This interview can take place during your first session or by phone beforehand. Some potential topics to bring up include:

  • In your opinion, what does it take to make a relationship successful?
  • What therapy modalities are used in your sessions?
  • What professional certifications do you hold?
  • How many of your patients are couples vs. individuals?
  • Have you helped couples experiencing our issues before?

Above all, remember the decision to find and work with a marriage counselor is an important move in the right direction for any relationship. With the right help, you and your spouse can communicate more effectively, work together better as a team, and help you overcome feeling stuck in repetitive arguments.