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How online face verification technology is transforming eCommerce?

Retailers are adopting online face verification to find the perfect solution to safer digital businesses. Here’s how the technology is playing its role

Online face verification is one of the most powerful technologies for security and verification purposes. When used carefully, this technology can unlock benefits far greater than what we have ever experienced with traditional security systems.

Traditional security systems are greatly lacking when it comes to online processes. When interacting with someone on a different continent, you obviously cannot go to vet their identity, address, or phone number. Moreover, there is no amount of security systems you can install that will be adequate in such cases. This is particularly applicable to businesses in the eCommerce space . This is because here there is interaction with a large number of customers every day.

Simplifying the digital buying process with face recognition technology

Traditionally, real-world shopping has involved the simple process of carrying your stuff to the cashier or at POS and paying for it with cash or card. Today, biometrics are changing this type of retail process. When online, the current system involves the simple process of collecting goods, putting them into your cart, and paying through digital payments. Now, what if this process could be simplified too?

Online face verification allows us to make this process easy and smooth without any burden on the customer. This works such that a user may simply have to create an account initially on a digital marketplace. A simple face recognition system will then process their shopping.

Albeit not entirely, Amazon has already introduced this technology. The Amazon system for facial verification works by asking the users to submit a couple of selfies. The system may direct the user to submit selfies from different angles. These may be poses such as while smiling or winking etc. to confirm their authenticity as a human. Currently, face recognition is not the only system in place and other verification processes are still included. However, after the steps of the complete verification process are gone through, the customer can easily proceed.

AliBaba is also working on a similar integration called “Smile To Pay”.

Why are retail giants adopting online face verification solutions?

The face recognition process offers a good number of benefits when it comes to utilization within the e-commerce space. Through online face verification, online retail stores can ensure that their customers are authentic and thus reduce the likelihood of high risk transactions.

Facial recognition for protection against financial fraud

As just discussed, online face verification allows the store employing it to ensure the authenticity of its customers. This insurance is not limited to just the identity but also includes financial data that is provided by the customer.

If a customer provides fake information and since payment processing can take a while, the store has to ship out its products immediately. If this information is not correct, the payment will naturally not go through. As a result, the store has to suffer. Similarly, in cases of identity theft, criminals usually immediately place orders on ecommerce stores after stealing the required information. Once the original owner of the credit card information finds out about the theft, it becomes too late, and the product usually has already gotten shipped out. Since in all cases, the legitimate owners immediately apply for a refund, the store ends up suffering both the refund cost as well as some processing fee.

Ensuring that your customer is exactly who they say they are through online face verification can guarantee that such frauds do not occur. Moreover, in such cases businesses can easily complain about the customer.

Online face verification for improved customer service

While this may be a long shot, we can expect digital retailers to include only online face verification for security and payments. Such fast and seamless processes are naturally going to be a positive step towards better customer service.

Moreover, dealing with businesses that thoroughly vet their customers can help build trust among their client base. This kind of client face verification can result in those, which are more particular about their data security, definitely approaching such businesses.

Face recognition as a rite towards improved retail experiences of the future

Online face verification offers great avenues for changing the ecommerce industry trends. It is a growing technology that is obviously going to evolve both in itself as well as within the ecommerce domain.

While the industry shift for retail is obviously not going to be immediate or overnight, online face verification offers avenues for benefits in the long term.

This is not just going to improve the customer experience, or just offer better management or security systems for the ecommerce merchants, but also holds particular benefits within the marketing industry. Deep learning facial recognition can help benefit the customers as well as the clients. For customers that upload their pictures, the system can segment them into groups based on the kinds of products that are sold on that website. Such technologies are already in use as Walgreens set up systems based on online face verification technology to show targeted ads. When online, this technology will give us ad data designed specifically for us as consumers.

Online face verification still does have has its own issues. Widespread use of the technology is attracting criticism and concerns from a large group of people. However, to reiterate, it is important to understand that the technology is still evolving especially for digital businesses. While it may be confusing or intimidating at the moment, over time, online face verification is definitely going to have benefits far greater than the current concerns.

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