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How Salesforce is reskilling veterans to work in the tech industry

Overview of Salesforce's veteran reskilling program

Salesforce's veteran reskilling program is an initiative aimed at preparing military veterans for jobs in the tech industry. The program offers free training and job placement assistance to veterans who are interested in pursuing careers in technology. The program includes both online and in-person training, covering a range of skills such as software development, data analysis, and project management.

The program also provides participants with the opportunity to earn Salesforce certifications, which can enhance their employability and demonstrate their proficiency in key areas of the Salesforce ecosystem. In addition to technical training, the program also focuses on developing soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving – all essential qualities for success in tech roles.

Overall, Salesforce's veteran reskilling program serves as an excellent example of how companies can help bridge the skills gap by investing in workforce development initiatives that benefit both individuals and organizations. Through this initiative, Salesforce is not only helping veterans transition into new careers but also creating a more diverse and inclusive talent pool within the tech industry.

The need for reskilling:

Salesforce has launched a program aimed at reskilling military veterans for careers in the tech industry. The initiative, called Vetforce, provides training in Salesforce's cloud-based software and other related skills. The company offers free online courses available to veterans who sign up for the program. Participants receive badges marking their progress as they learn new skills.

Vetforce was launched in 2014 and has since enrolled more than 11,000 veterans. The program also provides job placement assistance and networking opportunities with Salesforce employees and partners. In addition to offering career opportunities, Vetforce aims to address the issue of veteran unemployment by providing them with an accessible pathway into a growing industry that values their unique skill sets.

Reskilling is becoming increasingly important as technological advancements continue to change the job market. Many jobs that previously required certain skills are being automated or outsourced, creating a need for workers to gain new abilities or risk becoming obsolete in their careers. Programs like Vetforce provide an opportunity for individuals to adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape by learning new skills that are highly valued by employers.

How Salesforce's program works:

Salesforce's program to reskill veterans for the tech industry involves a two-week training called Vetforce. Participants in the program receive free online courses and access to Salesforce software. The goal is to teach veterans skills such as coding and data management that are highly valued in the tech industry.

Once participants complete Vetforce, they have the opportunity to earn Salesforce CPQ Training certifications from Salesforce that can make them more competitive in job applications. There are also additional resources available through the program, such as mentorship opportunities and job search support. The ultimate aim of this initiative is to provide veterans with new career paths and help address the talent shortage in the tech industry.

Overall, Salesforce's Vetforce program offers a valuable opportunity for veterans looking to transition into new careers or upskill for their current roles. Providing access to education and resources, it empowers individuals with sought-after skills that can lead to fulfilling employment opportunities within an exciting field like technology.

The impact of the program on veterans and the tech industry.

The Salesforce Veterans Program has made a significant impact on both veterans and the tech industry. The program provides free training and certification for veterans to become Salesforce-certified professionals, opening doors for them in the tech industry. Through this program, veterans have gained valuable skills in cloud computing, software development, and project management.

The impact of the program on veterans cannot be overstated. It has provided opportunities for them to transition into civilian careers with high-paying jobs and long-term career growth potential. Additionally, it has helped them develop new skills and expand their abilities beyond their military experience.

On the other hand, the impact of the program on the tech industry is also noteworthy. The program has created a pipeline of talented workers who bring unique perspectives and experiences to tech companies. Furthermore, by investing in reskilling programs like this one, companies are addressing talent shortages while promoting diversity within their workforce. Ultimately, Salesforce's Veterans Program is a win-win situation for both veterans looking to start new careers and companies seeking skilled talent that can contribute positively to their bottom line.

Examples of veterans who have transitioned to tech careers:

Salesforce is one of the tech companies that are helping veterans transition to tech careers. The company's Vetforce program provides training, mentoring, and job placement services to veterans who are interested in pursuing careers in the tech industry. Through Vetforce, veterans can learn Salesforce skills such as cloud computing, customer relationship management (CRM), and software development.

One success story from Salesforce's Vetforce program is that of Mike Spivey, a retired US Army officer who became a Salesforce administrator after completing the program. Before joining Vetforce, Spivey struggled with finding meaningful employment after leaving the military. However, through Vetforce's training and support services, he gained valuable skills that helped him land a job at Salesforce.

Another veteran who successfully transitioned to a tech career is Bryan Jacobsen, who served as an infantryman in Iraq before becoming a software developer at Microsoft. Jacobsen credits his military experience for giving him the discipline and problem-solving skills necessary for his current role in tech. He also believes that companies should make more efforts to hire veterans because of their unique skill sets and experiences.


In conclusion, Salesforce is leading the charge in helping veterans transition into the tech industry through its robust training and reskilling programs. By partnering with military organizations and offering free or discounted courses, Salesforce is providing a pathway for veterans to successfully enter and thrive in the tech workforce. The company's commitment to inclusivity and diversity has resulted in a more empowered and skilled workforce, which ultimately benefits not only veterans but also the tech industry as a whole. As we continue to honor and support our military servicemen and women, let us also recognize and champion companies like Salesforce who are making a tangible impact by investing in their futures.


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