How To Build A Deck: Essential Tips And Considerations

How To Build A Deck: Essential Tips And Considerations

Building a deck is a fulfilling project that can transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation and entertainment. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice, constructing a deck involves careful planning and consideration. This guide will take you through essential tips and considerations to build a deck railing Calgary loves or nearby to ensure your project’s success. You can DIY your deck building or hire a professional for custom railings. From initial planning to material selection and maintenance, we’ll provide the knowledge needed to create a stunning and functional deck that complements your home.

Tips To Build A Perfect Deck

  1. Choose Deck Material

You can choose a timber or composite decking. Timber offers several advantages and remains popular; it demands regular sanding, staining, oiling, or painting every two years. On the other hand, deck builders Calgary loves (or other regions) often recommend composite decking. It provides a range of natural wood colours and textures, giving you the appearance and feel of premium hardwood without the hassle of frequent sanding or sealing. Moreover, it resists fading, staining, splintering, rotting, or peeling.

  1. Gather Materials For Your Deck Building

Building a deck is a multi-step process involving clearing and levelling the ground, creating a supporting structure, framing and installing deck boards, and adding finishing touches like deck railing in Calgary or other regions. Given the diverse requirements, you’ll likely acquire materials gradually.

  1. Ground Preparation

Before you start building your deck, preparing the ground is essential. You won’t need a professional deck builder in Calgary or where you live for this step. Begin by measuring and marking a square area where you intend to construct the deck. Placing pegs in each corner and connecting them with string will help ensure the area is level and aligned.

  1. Building A Frame For A Flat Deck

You’ll need to create a sturdy frame using joists for a flat deck. Lay out the joists across the square area you’ve marked, positioning them to support the deck boards that will go on top. Start by securing the four corners together to form the outer frame. Depending on your deck’s size, attach around six large joists in the middle of the frame. Measure and cut the joists to the appropriate size. Attach the inner joists with screws to complete the frame.

  1. Building A Frame For A Raised Deck

If you’re planning a raised deck, the process differs slightly. Dig holes for the corner posts, placing them at least 70mm into the ground. Add additional support posts in the central area of your deck, spacing them approximately 50 inches apart. Ensure all posts are at the same height using a spirit level, then secure them in the ground using concrete.

  1. Installing Railings And Posts

The choice of railings can significantly impact the aesthetics and safety of your raised deck, and custom railings are a popular choice. Before installing deck boards, it’s crucial to position railing posts. Start by cutting and assembling your deck posts. Fit the base rail onto the spindles and screw them together. Finally, attach the corner deck posts to the base and secure the finished railings.

  1. Laying The Deck Boards

Lay deck boards, aligning the first board flush with the frame’s edge. Leave an expansion gap and secure boards with screws.

  1. Protecting The Deck

The final step is to protect your deck from wear and tear. Maintenance is minimal for composite deck. Sweep and clean any debris. However, a timber deck needs oiling to bring out the natural beauty of the wood.


Building custom railings requires careful planning. It’s essential to consider safety, aesthetics, and maintenance when constructing your deck. A well-executed project will enhance your outdoor space and add value to your home, providing you and your family with years of enjoyment.