How to choose sandals that are stylish, comfortable and have the best quality?


Can you think of any versatile footwear that goes well with every attire? Midi dress, denim shorts, oversized shorts – it complements every one of these, and more. You can wear this fashionable footwear during get-togethers, office meetings, at the beach, while you’re out shopping, and almost every other occasion that you can think of. Just slip your feet in and walk with confidence.

Of course, we’re talking about sandals here! They’ve been around since ancient times. At least, that’s what many studies say (ancient people loved them). Comfortable, stylish, functional and aesthetic, they’re all these combined into one, and much more. And if you’re a fan of this footwear and are looking to buy a piece or two to go with your dress, then you’ll find this article handy. It talks about choosing sandals that are stylish, provide the utmost comfort and are of the best quality. 

Do they provide comfort?

Comfort here refers to how you feel when you slip your feet inside the footwear. It should not feel like a burden, or an extra weight that you must carry around. You will be wearing it at home, at work, or whenever you step outside. Ensure it hugs your feet in a friendly way. Under no situation should you feel a pinch or get blisters after wearing them every time. If that happens, replace them immediately. 

How convenient are they?

Since comfort and convenience go together, choose sandals with or without laces carefully. Those with laces let you adjust the tightness according to your preferences. Style is another thing that works for them. Those without laces are great too, especially for those who have trouble bending or who prefer to avoid the hassle of adjusting their laces every single time. 

What materials are they made from?

This one is related to the point just made above. The kind of material you choose will affect the level of comfort you experience. So, for example, you might find leather more comfortable than synthetic. Leather’s good, since it allows your feet more space to breathe, is strong, and actually adjusts itself to your feet after a while (that is to say, after you have worn them for a while). Similarly, synthetic ones work well too, as they’re light but sturdy. Just find out what suits you. 

Choosing between Flats and Heels

This one is more a question of functionality rather than aesthetics. If you’re going to be wearing your footwear for everyday purposes, you will naturally want to go with flat slippers. They will give you the balance you need, without worrying about twisting your ankles or accidentally falling (which can be an issue with heels). Moreover, flat ones will be the obvious choice for those rainy days when you need to be careful with every step you take. 

Heels are more about aesthetics than functionality (but that’s not to say they aren’t functional). Nothing wrong with that, but they’re best kept for special occasions. They are made for cocktail parties, but also fit right in on occasions like birthdays, office presentations, weddings, or almost every event where you need to be at your stylish best. Also, while choosing heels, check whether it’s a block or flared. Block heels give you more surface area, which means lesser chances of tripping and excellent stability. Flared heels are narrow at the top and broaden at the bottom. 

Do they pair well with your dress?

Your sandals should pair well with the dress you wear. They should not look out of place, or something that you wore in a hurry. The point is to ensure that they compliment your dress: its style, colour etc. Black, or white for that matter, incidentally, happens to be a favourite of many. There’s a reason for that: it works well with almost every dress and suits every occasion. If you love your denim shorts, go with flats- white, blue, a neutral colour, all work. For professional purposes, going with block heels with your trousers or fitting skirt is a good idea. 

Choosing your sandals after thorough research is the best thing you can do. It has plenty of benefits. They will boost your confidence, ensure you look your best, and let you move about without the utmost convenience and safety.