How to Play Blackjack with High Winning Rate – Please Apply

How to Play Blackjack with High Winning Rate – Please Apply

As a hot game on many betting websites today, Blackjack is a famous game and brings many realistic emotions to anyone who has ever experienced it. If you regularly participate in this casino game at Hi88, you definitely need to know how to play Blackjack with a high winning rate to be able to play the game and receive a refreshing double bonus. 

Origin and name of the game

Blackjack is very interesting  

Blackjack is a casino game of unknown origin and there are currently many documents claiming that this card game originated in France, based on the name Vingt-et-Un (21). Along with the above name, the game is also called Blackjack/Potter (Vietnam). In addition, there is one more name for this card game, which is Pontoon. 

Card game rules – players need to understand clearly

In each game there will be many participants and you will need to compare scores with the dealer. Each game will have a dealer dealing cards, there will be a surveillance camera in the live casino game and in particular, this game does not use 1 deck of cards but will use up to 6 decks of Western cards (52 cards). Therefore, there is a high chance that a player will receive the same cards, making it difficult to guess the opponent’s score.

The winner in Blackjack will be the person whose score is equal to 21/close to 21 (score cannot be higher than the standard score). Therefore, you are allowed to pick cards when your score is low but you must consider carefully to avoid making mistakes. Regarding the rules for drawing cards, there are specific regulations, please read carefully before deciding to participate.
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Suggestions on how to play Blackjack to increase your chances of winning

Blackjack players give useful advice and if applied, players will have a pretty good chance of winning the game. We hope that you will read the content below carefully to ensure you always have money in your pocket when betting. 

It’s wise to draw more cards

Consider when drawing more cards in Blackjack 

A score of 21 is the maximum score, and without reaching that score you still have a chance to win. Therefore, players must be very clever in deciding whether to continue drawing cards or not. 

For example, if you already have 20 points, you should not continue to draw, because your chance of winning is almost certain. However, if the score is only about 15 – 16, you should draw more to increase the score. 

Calculate when betting

No matter what game you play (Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette,…), players must be calculating when using capital. According to the advice of experts, you should only lose about 20% – 30% then stop and don’t try to bet all your money. Even when winning, players still need to pay attention to stopping at the right time to avoid losing their temper due to greed.

Learn to observe and predict

This is a skill you need to know but it takes a lot of practice. If you bet diligently and practice observing and predicting, this ability will greatly improve. Be patient and wait, from each game, observe the cards and practice guessing the dealer’s score to make the most accurate decisions. 

There are many good ways to play Blackjack from experts, but you should remember, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, that’s something the experts also need to accept. Therefore, if you diligently apply the above tips, even if you lose, you will lose less, improving your chances of winning. Try and experience official betting to improve your experience and apply the good tips shared above.