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How to Recover from Pilonidal Cyst Infection?

People between 20-40 usually suffer from pilonidal disease, and finding a specialist is essential. Thus, it becomes easy to get the proper treatment, and you can lead a life without any worries. Pilonidal cysts are painful, and it causes skin swelling and irritation. A specialist first checks the condition of the affected skin and accordingly recommends the treatment. A pilonidal cyst is a swollen mass that generally forms at the buttocks. The sack contains pus and blood; your doctor may make a small incision to drain the fluid. Pilonidal cyst infection may cause extreme pain, fever, and headache, and it’s essential to consult a specialist. Also, the pus may have a foul odor, and you must get proper treatment to notice an improvement in symptoms.

Draining the pilonidal cyst will help you get relief from the pressure causing the pain. Your healthcare provider may use a sedative to numb the area before the surgery. Now, it’s easy to find a specialist, and it’s easy to deal with the discomfort. Once your doctor drains out the fluid, you will feel better and learn the importance of visiting a doctor.

Schedule an Appointment Online

Nowadays, you will find the option to schedule an appointment online. Once you meet the doctor, you will learn about the treatments. And it will give you the confidence to get the treatment, and you will recover quickly. First, you must ensure that the doctor has ample experience and you will get the proper treatment. After the treatment, your doctor may prescribe some medicines, and you must use them as instructed. It will help you get well soon and return to everyday life.  

How to avoid recurring pilonidal cysts?

Here are the valuable tips that will help you avoid recurring pilonidal cysts:

  • Properly shave the area and keep it clean
  • Your doctor may suggest losing weight, and it enables you to get the skin infection
  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing
  • Never sit for a long time

Thus, you can no longer get the recurring skin infection, and therefore, you can lead a better life.

Factors Increasing Chances of Getting Pilonidal Cyst

Here are the factors that increase the chances of getting a pilonidal cyst infection:

  • Being inactive for an extended period increases the chances of getting the infection.
  • Excess body hair increases the chances of getting ingrown hair at the crease of the buttocks resulting in pilonidal cyst infection.
  • Stiff or rough hair may give rise to pilonidal cysts, and thus, you need to shave the area properly.
  • Poor hygiene also leads to a skin infection; thus, you must ensure you properly clean the area.

Your doctor will consider all these factors and ensure you get the best treatment. Your doctor may suggest an MRI or CT scan to examine the pilonidal sinus closely. It helps your doctor provide effective treatment, and you will quickly eliminate the symptoms. Gradually, you will get well, and you can return to work.

What is chronic pilonidal cyst?

Draining the fluid treats the present issue, and there is always a chance of a recurring infection. It’s good to consult a surgeon who will provide the best treatment for chronic pilonidal disease. A surgeon usually recommends pilonidal cyst surgery to recover from the infection permanently. You may need a pilonidal cyst surgery to help you quickly overcome the symptoms. Hence, you will feel confident and learn why it’s good to consult a pilonidal cyst surgeon.

Symptoms of Pilonidal Cyst Infection

Here, you will get familiar with the symptoms of an infected pilonidal cyst:

  • Pain and swelling in the affected area
  • A small pit near the buttocks crease
  • Pus and blood oozing out from the affected skin
  • Pus with a foul odor

Your doctor will learn your symptoms and will provide treatment accordingly. Nowadays, surgeons use more innovative tools, and it becomes easy to drain the fluid.

Causes of Pilonidal Cyst Infection

Ingrown hairs at the buttocks crease are the leading cause of pilonidal cyst infection. The hair results in skin infection and a pilonidal cyst forms. It’s an abscess or sinus cavity, and a specialist will help you deal with the issues. Maintaining proper hygiene will help you avoid getting the infection, and you can move freely.

How long does it take to recover from a pilonidal cyst?

Once your doctor drains the fluid, you will start recovering. However, the wound may take some more days to heal. Sometimes it may take even longer, up to six months, to recover. Speaking to your doctor if you face severe complications after the treatment is suitable. Your doctor will give you necessary medicines that will help you recover faster. Thus, you will feel confident and learn the benefits of getting pilonidal cyst treatment. The specialist will help you avoid getting recurring pilonidal cyst infections.


Overall, you get a clear idea of how you can get relieved from the pain due to a pilonidal cyst. Once you meet the doctor, you will learn whether you need surgery or draining out the fluid will help you get relief. Finally, you can explore the better options, and it’s time to lead an everyday life.

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