How to Visit Las Vegas on a Budget

Las Vegas

Figure 1 A trip to Vegas doesn’t have to break the bank

Everyone should visit Las Vegas at some point in their life. In fact, we are pretty sure that once you enjoy the delights of Sin City, you will want to return again and again. That’s all very well if you have unlimited reserves of cash to finance repeat trips. But what do you do if you fall in love with Vegas and haven’t won the lottery yet?

Although there are plenty of attractions and sites that you can splash your money on in Vegas, there is also a way of enjoying this unique city on a budget. You can still have a great time and experience all kinds of weird and wonderful adventures – but your bank balance won’t feel it in such a bad way.

We’ve come up with a few ideas to help plan a budget trip to the entertainment capital of the world. You could always start by checking out some of the wide range of online betting sites as well as visiting the casinos on the Strip. But here are a few more things to consider.

Plan Your Flights

Just one of the good things about Vegas is that the weather is almost guaranteed to be good. So, you can visit the place at just about any time of the year. That being said, you can still start saving before you even hit the tarmac at the Harry Reid International Airport.

Avoid holidays if you can and visiting at any time between late March and May is a good idea – and it will avoid the intense heat of the summer. You should also consider booking a flight for the middle of the week on a budget airline, as the tickets will be cheaper. If you can, be flexible about your dates, you could save a lot.

Save on Food and Drink

In recent years, Las Vegas has changed its image when it comes to food and drink. The unlimited buffets at the casinos used to be the main attraction when it came to eating. But these days there are a number of fine dining establishments available, rivaling any major city in the US and beyond.

We would recommend trying one of these amazing restaurants at some point. But if you are looking to visit on a budget, you should search out the happy hours in many eateries and bars. You can also save some extra cash by venturing off the Strip. Downtown has some excellent budget-friendly establishments.

Get Around on the Cheap

No matter where you are staying in Las Vegas, the main action will always be on the Strip. There are other up-and-coming areas of town that should be investigated, of course. But to get the quintessential Vegas experience, you will want to check out the main attractions.

Most of the action is in and around the big casinos – and they are all on the Strip. That means that you can actually walk between most of the places that you want to see. There’s no point renting a car unless you are going further afield – and there is also the monorail to check out for a futuristic way of getting about the place.

Free Events

You get nothing in this life for free, the old saying goes. But that is not exactly true in Las Vegas. Sure, the casinos and attractions will want you to part with your cash – but you can also get a lot from them in return. As long as you are playing the tables you can even get free drinks thrown in.

There are also a lot of nightclubs that are quite happy to add you to the free guest list to get you onto the dance floor, so look out for the reps on the Strip. Some of the museums are also incredibly cheap to get in, while the world-famous Bellagio Fountain show costs nothing at all.

Figure 2 Some of the most stunning Vegas sights are completely free

Keep Mentioning Your Special Occasion

If you really want to extend the number of free or cheap Vegas experiences you should remember to mention why you are there in the first place. Lots of people come to Sin City for a special occasion – and the local establishments are only too happy to make a fuss of you if that is the case.

If it’s your birthday or you are part of a bachelorette party, you should absolutely make sure that everyone knows about it. Bars and eateries will look for your business – and that means that you could grab yourself a nice discount on your food and drink. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Plan Day Trips

There is so much to see and do on the Strip and immediate surrounding areas in Las Vegas that we would not hold it against you if you restricted yourself to the center of town for your budget vacation. But there is also some incredible scenery and experiences just off the main drag – and planning your day trips in advance will save you money.

There are budget bus tours to nearby attractions such as the Hoover Dam and Bryce Canyon National Park – and there are countless hiking trails just out of town that will cost you nothing and get you closer to some stunning nature and scenery. It’s not just high-end casinos and shows in Las Vegas!

Get the Go Las Vegas Pass

One last piece of budget advice for anyone planning a trip to Las Vegas is to spend a little money on the Go Las Vegas Pass. You will want to get the fullest experience possible from your time in Sin City – and this pass allows you to visit a number of places for discounted prices.

Take a look at what is available with the pass and make your selection accordingly. You can fit so much into even the briefest Vegas trip and doing it on a budget will also save you money for your next trip to this unique and incredible place.