What are the best places that you need to explore near Jim Corbett National Park?

Jim Corbett National Park

If you are interested in planning a trip to Jim Corbett then this is one of the best possible decisions you will be making because this is the best place to be visited in the entire Uttarakhand state. This place has access to a famous national park which provides you with easy accessibility to the endangered Bengal tigers which are the major attractions of animals and other species present here. The area of Jim Corbett is not only confined to wildlife because this is a gift of nature and comes with a significant number of benefits and salient features for everyone including the plateau, river, and landscapes. So, planning to book your room in a 5-star hotel in Jim Corbett is worth it, and following are some of the most important places to explore near this place

  1. Kosi River: This place is very famous for indulging in river rafting sports and this is one of the best things to be done in the Jim area. This is a very significant water sport for the majority of the animal and bird lovers who visit over here to satisfy their thirst and the river is the secondary source for them during the summer season. In addition to the river rafting, this is a very famous place for adventure activities like river crossing, birdwatching, and fishing. So, if you are a nature lover then planning a visit to this place is worth it for you.
  2. Sitabani Forest: Another very beautiful place that you need to visit near this particular place is this forest because this is the ideal retreat for birdwatchers who can easily spot multiple birds and significant varieties of migratory birds. Everybody can go to enjoy the jungle over here throughout the year and the forest will not fall inside the zone of the Corbett National Park. So, you need to get direct approval from the entry gate of the forest, and visiting this place during the morning hours will provide you with easy access to the spotting of birds and animals.
  3. Corbett Falls: This is a very beautiful place to be covered in this particular area because beholding the sight of the cascading falls becomes very easy over here. You can easily go to witness the beautiful view of the waterfalls which have been very well covered by the dense forest and also help in adding a significant factor of beauty to the natural beauty. It is advisable for people to never go below the water pool because there might be the presence of snakes and crocodiles and further planning a visit to this place is worth it to capture the natural beauty.
  4. Dhikala Zone: Planning a visit to this place is worth it because this is the right travel option for individuals to enjoy the incredible wildlife journey. Everybody can go for experiencing this place while booking for the Canter Safari which will be driving you in between the jungle through the fantastic sightseeing views. The largest zone very well comes with a significant stock of flowers and animals and this place also has a rest house where you can plan your night stay with your loved ones.
  5. Corbett Museum: If you are interested in going deeper into historical perspective through the paintings and sketches then planning a visit to this place is worth it. This particular museum is the heritage bungalow of Jim Corbett where you will be witnessing his personal belongings including his gun, fishnet, sketches, paintings, and his cap. So, planning a visit to this place to go deeper into the historical perspective is a very good idea.
  6. Wildlife Art Gallery: This is a very exciting place to be taken into account for the art lovers in the Jim Corbett. You can easily plan a visit to this place to witness beautiful pictures by multiple wildlife photographers and visiting this place is worth it if you are an art lover. Apart from this, you can also go to purchase some of the souvenirs over here to have a wonderful experience on an overall basis. 
  7. Kalagarh Dam: This is one of the most important places to be taken into account because this was built in 1974 and is a very important part of the Ram Ganga multipurpose project. This place is also very famous due to the presence of a dam which is ideally meant for providing irrigation and hydroelectricity to the surrounding areas. This is very well covered within the boundaries of Jim Corbett National Park and is one of the most important places to be taken into account from the perspective of tourism
  8. Jhirna Zone: This is lying in the Southern part of the Jim Corbett National Park and is quickly noticed for being a thick forest area where you can easily spot animals in their natural habitat. Some of the varieties that you will be witnessing over here will be the beer, dear, wild elephant, and nilgai.
  9. Bijrani Forest: This is a very significant place in the Jim Corbett area which has been highly successful in featuring dense forest, wildlife, and a significant number of grasslands. This is the dry zone of the National Park which comes with diverse vegetation and this has also been considered as a very important hunting ground for the Britishers during their rule. You can easily go exploring the jeep and Elephant Safari to encounter the wildlife in this case very successfully.
  10. Hanuman Temple: This place is perfectly dedicated to Lord Hanuman and the place very well draws a significant number of people to the monkey God to seek his blessings. This temple is located in the Ramnagar area in between the peaceful surroundings and if you are interested in witnessing the peaceful atmosphere then planning a visit to this place is worth it. 

Further to have the best experience in the Jim Corbett area, you should consider staying at the 5-star hotel in Jim Corbett so that you can enjoy a lot in between the lush greenery and further you can plan the ideal stay with your loved ones in the lap of nature.