Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Slot Game

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Slot Game

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox is an online slot game which was released in 2023. Developed by Yggdrasil, this game takes place in 15th-century Paris and takes inspiration from the story of the ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame. The game has very impressive graphics and entertaining gameplay to complement this, setting this slot apart from other online slots in the online slot market at the moment.

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Game Background

Yggdrasil is a very impressive online slot game studio that has made a name for itself ever since it was founded in 2013. Since then, they have created an incredible portfolio and received numerous awards for their work. Some of their top slots, other than Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox, include Winterberries 2 and the Wild Stack Frenzy slot. The games they look to develop come in a wide range of themes and styles; however, they all live up to the high standard the studio sets itself.

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Game Design

The background of Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox is very impressive as it is designed in a realistic fashion. The background depicts 15th-century Paris outside of the famous Notre Dame cathedral. There are different coloured decorative flags which adorn the streets and are constantly being blown in the wind. On the streets, there are people and horses in the middle of a busy market.

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Mobile Play

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox features HTML5 software that is responsible for cross-compatibility. Thanks to this software implemented by Yggdrasil, Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox can be enjoyed on devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, and laptops. The range of options available allows players to choose their preferred device type or themselves and take full control over their gaming sessions.

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Slot Symbols

Lower Value Symbols

  • Spades
  • Diamonds
  • Clubs
  • Hearts

Medium Value Symbols

  • Phoebus
  • Frollo

Higher Value Symbols

  • Esmerelda
  • Quasimodo

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Bonus Feature

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox features interesting bonuses which elevate the gameplay experience. The first bonus of note is the game’s wild symbol, which is a common bonus symbol in many modern slots. This symbol will substitute for other base symbols in order to form matching symbol combinations.

Then there are the titular GigaBlox symbols, which are regular symbols that can be up to 4×4 positions large. Furthermore, these symbols can appear up to 6×6 in the free spins round.

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Free Spins

Landing 5+ free spins symbols in the base game will trigger the free spins round, with each symbol landing providing 1 free spin. A 2×2 free spin symbol will be worth 4 symbols, and so on. Furthermore, 3-7 feature picks are provided with players being able to gamble for more. If players choose to gamble, they will play a game in which they must choose from 1 of 3 cups. Players will have a ⅔ chance of being provided with an additional feature pick; however, if they choose incorrectly, the free spins round will be forfeited.

Before the round begins, players can use their feature picks to choose from potions to reveal random modifiers. The modifiers available include:

  • Wild High – One of the high-value symbols is turned into a wild symbol.
  • Multiplier x2 – Applied this multiplier to all combinations.
  • Expanded Reels – Adds 2 rows to the reels allowing for 6×6 Gigablox symbols to appear.
  • Extra Wild – 1-2 wilds are added to a random position for each free spin.
  • High Stack – One high-value symbol becomes stacked on the reels.
  • Extra Free Spins – Players will get 1-5 extra free spins.

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox Slot Summary

Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox is a very enjoyable online slot game with a stunning background and art style. On top of this, the free spins round in Notre-Dame Tales GigaBlox is innovative, providing players with a layered and dynamic gameplay experience.

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Taking a thematic turn, another great game offered by this slot studio is Devour The Weak. This game takes place in a hellish setting, with lava spewing from the black, charred ground. Furthermore, the higher-value symbols resemble demonic characters designed in stunning detail. Once again, Yggdrasil does not disappoint when it comes to the gameplay, as this game also has a fun free spin round and a number of other fun features.

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