One Proud Country

One Proud Country

Exploring other cultures has always been a nice experience, and Thailand has continued to maintain its spot as one of the top tourist destinations for its culture. It is more or less the perfect destination for adventurers. When you consider the beautiful and lush landscape that surrounds its bustling cities, the tranquility of the countryside cities, and over one thousand islands with different atmospheres, you will feel nothing but appreciation for this land. Start from the capital city of Bangkok with the energy, hustling, and bustling of typical city life, offering scenes of modernity with its skyscrapers and high traffic but when you look beyond the urban settings you will also find that the city still retains some of the cultural heritage with the ancient temples, and ever-busy street markets. Which is why this place is one of the recommended places to buy property in Thailand. Now, away from the urban life totally, witness the absolute beauty of nature when you visit Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Pai and witness pristine beaches in Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui. You would think the beaches are something that came out of an edited photo but no, it’s all just nature at its best. Although properties for sale in these places may not come easy. There are a lot of activities to engage in watersports being the most interesting ones.

Moreover, Thailand’s rich cultural heritage adds a lot more to the mix than just sporting activities and the like. Visitors can explore ancient ruins, witness colorful festivals, and immerse themselves in local customs and traditional activities. Thai foods are also a treat, whether sampling food at the street markets, in the floating market, or the night markets. Thailand presents opportunities for travelers to embark on a journey of discovery and adventure.

Fun Experiences to Witness in Thailand

Thai culture is the selling point of their tourism sectors, exploring ancient temples is just one of the many aspects of Thai culture that they are willing to share with foreigners. Some of the other fun and captivating aspects of Thai culture that might interest travelers include:

  1. Thai Festivals: Thailand celebrates many festivals, Songkran is the Thai New Year festival, Loy Krathong which is the Festival of Lights, and Phi Ta Khon the Ghost Festival, are some of the most vibrant celebrations, you can witness colorful parades, street parties that throws the neighborhood into a lively frenzy. Some of the festivals also include unique rituals that offer a glimpse into Thai culture and spirituality, if you are not averse to it, they have no problem letting you watch or even participate. For example, the rituals involved in Ghost Festivals include the making of masks and costumes, the procession, the offering and the water splashing. Each one of these rituals has its significance and it adds to its charms.
  1. Muay Thai Boxing: This extreme art is a renowned form of martial arts. Tourists that are can simply take this opportunity to attend Muay Thai matches to witness the professional fighters utilize skillful techniques. You can even participate in training sessions with professionals and learn the art of Muay Thai. Try the gyms in Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket, or head to the Isan region, the origin of the extreme art itself where several traditional training camps exist.
  1. Thai Cuisine: Thai cooking is amazing, these are dishes that are celebrated worldwide for their bold flavors, aroma, spices, and fresh ingredients. Whether you enter a restaurant to get your order or stroll the street markets and sample food from the street stalls. You may be interested in learning to cook these dishes yourself, no worries, Thai chefs organize cooking classes for foreigners especially. Travelers can embark on their culinary adventures, if you want a taste of home, you still have the options of international restaurants around the country.
  1. Floating Markets: This might sound like a foreign term to a lot of people since not a lot of countries have waterways that are optimal for holding such markets. Floating markets are another one of the iconic attractions in Thailand that fascinates visitors. It is a market on water, where travelers can shop and buy goods from vendors selling their goods on boats along the waterways. The two famous floating markets are Damnoen Saduak and Amphawa, and they are both located in Bangkok in Ratchaburi province and Songkhram province respectively.
  1. Traditional Thai Dance and Music: Music and Dance, food for the soul, body and mind. Thai people are proud of their culture and heritage and you can see why little by little. Even Thai dances and music are considered core in their culture. Recommended dances are classical Thai dance dramas, such as Khon and Likay. Visiting festivals or the night markets is the surest way to be able to witness the Thai dancers in action.
  1. Elephant Sanctuaries: Some people might have been expecting this, so at last, here we are. Thailand is home to many sanctuaries for elephants. Here, they have visitors interact with the elephants and any interested party can even be invited to participate in conservation efforts. For example, they allow you to feed and bathe them but they don’t allow you to get too close, unrestricted contact is not allowed and neither are you allowed to ride them or teach them tricks. The main purpose of these sanctuaries is to teach you how to treat them well.
  1. Wai Phra: Wai Phra is a form of greeting in Thailand. To expatiate, it is a traditional gesture that shows respect and gratitude. You press your palms together and bow a little. Pretty sure the Indian gesture comes to mind as soon as you read that, but it is also a Thai thing. You can see the locals mostly doing the Wai Phra at temples and sacred grounds.

Real Estate in Thailand

If you find the prospect of all the above-mentioned activities fun, and finally make that decision to choose Thailand, how about a little more help, especially on where you’ll stay during your visit to the country? Real estate in Thailand is not that easy anymore since the place is a hot cake right now, attracting a lot of visitors. However, with the aggregator, you can get house listings in Thailand relatively easily. The prices, property options, and property types have been attached, and so have the region and provinces. There is also a filter that allows you to sort the available properties by type, price, and location as well.

Fun Activities for a Memorable Experience 

There are a lot of fun activities you can do in Thailand. Most of the ones mentioned in this article are mostly activities that allow you to better understand and appreciate the country’s cultures and traditions. It is important to understand the people and their culture if you want to enhance your tourism experience and make your visit an unforgettable one.