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Online Xoc
Online Xoc

Online Xoc Dia, also known as “online Xoc Dia”, is one of the most popular online games in Vietnam. With simple, accessible rules and the opportunity to win big, online coin toss has attracted a lot of attention from bettors. In this article, we will learn about the online coin toss game, from the basic rules to the strategies to win.

Introduction to online coin toss

Online dice game is one of the most popular online casino games in Vietnam. Players will predict the results of 4 pieces (2 white pieces and 2 red pieces) to receive rewards according to the corresponding ratio. This game is broadcast live from casinos around the world, allowing players to participate and bet from anywhere.

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The game rules are simple and accessible

Online Xoc Dia has simple and easy to understand rules. The dealer will use a set of 4 cards to shake. Among them, there are 2 white pieces and 2 red pieces. The time for betting is limited. After this time expires, the dealer will announce the results of the 4 pieces and the player will receive a reward if the prediction is correct.

With simple rules and no special skills required, online coin toss is an accessible game that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Basic game rules

To better understand the rules of the online coin toss game, let’s review the steps in this game:

  1. Players place bets on the bets before the betting time expires.
  2. After the betting time expires, the dealer will shake the 4-piece set to create the result.
  3. If the result is 4 white or 4 red, all bets on even/odd and over/under will be lost.
  4. If the result is 2 white and 2 red, all bets on over/under will be lost.
  5. If the result is 1 white and 3 red or vice versa, all bets on odd/even numbers will be lost.
  6. If the result is 3 whites and 1 red or vice versa, all bets on over/under will win.

Popular bets in online coin toss

In online coin toss, there are many different betting options for players to participate in. Below are the most popular bets in this game:


Odd/even bets are bets divided into 2 groups: even and odd. In particular, the even group includes 2 white pieces and 2 red pieces, and the odd group includes 1 white piece and 3 red pieces or vice versa. The winning rate of this door is 1:1.


Over/under doors are also divided into 2 groups similar to even/odd doors. The over group includes 3 red pieces and 1 white piece, while the under group includes 1 red piece and 3 white pieces or vice versa. The winning rate of this door is 1:1.

Accurate results

The exact result allows players to bet on a specific outcome of the 4 pieces in the set. For example, if a player bets on “4 white/4 red”, they are predicting that the set will have 4 pieces that are either white or red. The winning rate of this door is 1:9.

Effective playing strategies in online coin toss

To win in online coin toss, players need to have appropriate skills and strategies. Below are some strategies used by bettors to increase their chances of winning in this game.

Prioritize small bets

For beginner players, small bets are a necessity. This way, they can get familiar with the game and learn effective strategies without having to worry about losing a lot of money. If they are familiar with the rules and strategies, they can increase the bet amount to have a greater chance of winning.

Prepare mentally

To be successful in any game of chance, it is important not to let emotions dictate your actions. Try to control your emotions and make decisions based on pre-prepared strategies. Don’t let lucky shots or failures affect your mentality.

Managing betting capital

Betting capital management is very important in online coin tossing games. Without strict management, players can easily lose a lot of money in just one shot. Divide the bet amount to suit your budget and avoid going all-in to retain the ability to fight in future matches.

Learn about bridges

As mentioned above, the results of 4 pieces in the online dice game can be divided into 4 groups: 4 white pieces, 4 red pieces, 3 white pieces and 1 red piece, 3 red pieces and 1 white piece . Learning and recognizing these bridges will help players make more accurate decisions when betting on the correct outcome.


Online Xoc Dia is a simple but attractive game of chance with many chances of winning. With simple rules, anyone can participate and experience this game. However, to be successful in online coin toss, players need to have good strategies and bet management skills. Hopefully this article has provided readers with useful information about this game. Wishing all bettors have fun and lucky moments when playing online coin toss!