Recruitment agency specialization

Recruitment agency specialization

Recruitment agencies that professionally specialize in finding specialists almost always have a focus. An example of such specialization is agencies in the IT field. However, quite often, you can come across a digital IT recruitment agency. Most people either don’t think about this difference or don’t attach importance to it. But for those for whom the search recruitment agency is a crucial matter, it’s worth delving into the essence.

Differences and designation of an IT staffing agency

The term “IT,” which stands for Information Technology, was first coined in 1958. This concept encompasses all technologies related to information processing. In turn, the term “digital” has been known for hundreds of years. However, its meaning has changed many times over this period. Originally, in Latin, it meant “finger.” The word’s meaning was related to fingers and digits. When computers appeared, this word acquired its modern meaning because they used data in the form of discrete digits.

A brief excursion into the history of these concepts is interesting from the perspective of professions associated with them.

What directions and professions there are in IT

Without delving into the description of functionality, let’s provide examples of IT professions:

  • Frontend Developer;
  • Programmer;
  • Full-stack Developer;
  • Data analyst;
  • System administrator;
  • Tester.

Let’s create a list for digital professions to try to outline their common features and differences. Let’s look at examples:

  • Web developer;
  • Tester;
  • SEO specialist;
  • Marketer;
  • Web designer.

As we can see, it’s quite difficult to capture the line that separates these two lists. The main difference is that IT professions deal with application development, programming, and everything related to information technology. Digital professions, on the other hand, are internet-based professions; it’s marketing that uses technology to attract and retain potential customers.

Which professions are related to IT

Yes, the words “digital” and “IT” differ in spelling and internal meaning, but in modern professions, the line between them is blurred. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, this line becomes even more elusive. Already, many professions can be classified as belonging to both groups. Common specialization is found in:

  • Testers;
  • Developers;
  • Project managers, and so on.

Today, few IT recruitment agencies make such a clear distinction in their specialization. More often than not, they indicate that they are willing to search for specialists in both directions.

However, if we take a foreign recruitment agency as an example, these differences may be more noticeable. In Britain, the specialization of recruitment agencies has reached a high level. In this country, recruiters can search for specialists not only in a particular industry but also in narrower segments of professions.

What conclusion can we draw from the above? In an era where information technology is rapidly evolving, no profession can do without it. Looking for differences no longer makes much sense. It’s better to ask yourself what the ultimate goal of working in a particular profession is. And this is no longer about competition but about the result that will bring us all the development of the technology market.