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Step into Legality Link, where we excel at guiding you through the intricate maze of setting up and expanding your business ventures within the United States. Our firm, founded by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, a visionary leader committed to fostering entrepreneurial success, specializes in a spectrum of essential services designed to streamline your business operations and compliance.

At Legality Link, we understand that setting up a business in the USA, especially for entrepreneurs in California, involves multiple strategic steps. From LLC registration to setting up business bank accounts and ensuring tax compliance, our expert team is equipped to handle all your business needs efficiently. Whether you’re looking to start an LLC in California, need assistance with BOI report filing, or seek comprehensive tax help in California, Evgeniy Kasyanenko and our dedicated team ensure a smooth, compliant, and successful business setup. Visit us at to get started.

Our solutions are meticulously crafted to address clients’ distinct requirements, whether local or global. We provide comprehensive aid, from initiating a US bank account to providing comprehensive tax guidance tailored explicitly for California-based LLCs. With Legality Link, you can benefit from our expertise in LLC online filing, California business formation, and navigating the intricacies of the US business environment. Start your business journey with us today, and let us help you harness the full potential of your business ventures in the competitive American market.

Why Choose Us


Choosing Legality Link means opting for unmatched expertise in navigating the complex business landscape of the United States, all under the leadership of our founder, Evgeniy Kasyanenko.

Expert Guidance by Evgeniy Kasyanenko

Evgeniy Kasyanenko’s deep understanding of the legal intricacies and the operational demands of setting up and running a business in the USA makes Legality Link your best ally. Whether you are setting up an LLC, need assistance with BOI compliance, or require expert tax guidance, Evgeniy’s strategic vision ensures that every aspect of your business setup is meticulously managed. From California LLC setup to navigating the requirements for opening a business bank account, his personalized approach tailors services to meet each client’s unique needs, helping to start, grow, and sustain your business efficiently and compliantly.

Comprehensive Business Solutions

At Legality Link, we don’t just offer services; we provide solutions. We cover all bases from the initial LLC registration, guiding you through complex tax assistance in California, to setting up your corporate or foreign bank account. Our comprehensive service suite ensures that every detail is addressed, from filing your LLC online to helping you understand the benefits of the USA LLC setup, making us the go-to resource for domestic and international clients looking to navigate the business environment in the USA. We handle everything from BOI report filing to providing detailed California tax help and ensuring your business complies with all federal and state regulations.

Start your business with confidence, and let Legality Link, led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, guide you through every step of the process. At Legality Link, our unwavering dedication to your triumph distinguishes us, positioning us as the ultimate preference for entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in the dynamic landscapes of California and beyond.

Our Services at a Glance


At Legality Link, led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we simplify the complex landscape of American business law, offering streamlined solutions that cover every critical aspect of business setup and compliance. Our meticulously tailored services offer steadfast assistance, guaranteeing your business not only commences with confidence but also thrives and prospers within the dynamic landscape of the US market.

Quick summary of services like LLC formation, tax assistance, and business banking setup:

LLC Registration: Step into the business world with confidence. We handle everything from LLC formation to comprehensive compliance checks, including BOI report filing and meeting all necessary legal standards. Whether you’re interested in a California LLC setup or registering your business elsewhere in the USA, our online LLC filing process is efficient and guided by the strategic expertise of Evgeniy Kasyanenko.

Business Bank Account Setup: A crucial step for financial management, we facilitate the setup of corporate and foreign bank accounts, ensuring they align with your business activities. Our team assists with everything from the initial bank selection to integrating your financial operations, enhancing your company’s credibility and economic health.

Tax Assistance and Compliance: Navigate the complexities of California and the federal tax system with our expert tax assistance. We provide tailored strategies from initial tax planning to ongoing filing requirements, ensuring you leverage all available benefits and remain compliant. Under Evgeniy Kasyanenko’s guidance, receive personalized support that aligns with your financial goals, whether handling California LLC tax or broader USA tax compliance.

Comprehensive Support Across All Facets of Business Setup: Our services extend beyond the initial setup. We offer ongoing support for business registration in California, company formation across the USA, and strategic advice to maintain and expand your operations. From helping you start a company in the USA to managing your tax filing and ensuring compliance with all business regulations, our team is equipped to handle all aspects of your business journey.

Choose Legality Link for a comprehensive, seamless service experience that covers all your business needs under one roof. Led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we commit to turning your business aspirations into a thriving reality.

LLC Registration

At Legality Link, led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we provide a comprehensive pathway for LLC registration that meets legal requirements and sets the foundation for your business success in the United States.

The Process and Benefits

LLC Registration Process: Our simplified and streamlined LLC registration process begins with an initial consultation to understand your business needs. We handle all paperwork, including filing your LLC online and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws. Our services include setting up your business bank account, registering for tax IDs, and preparing all necessary compliance reports, like the Beneficial Ownership Report.

Benefits of LLC Registration: Registering your LLC with Legality Link provides significant advantages such as asset protection, tax benefits through pass-through taxation, and enhanced credibility in the business world. LLCs also offer flexibility in management and operations, making them a preferred choice for many entrepreneurs, especially in versatile markets like California.

Particular Focus on California LLC Registration

California-Specific Services: Under the expert guidance of Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we specialize in California LLC setup, offering tailored advice that adheres to California’s unique business regulations and tax requirements. Our all-encompassing assistance spans from the initial registration process to continual compliance measures, guaranteeing that your LLC optimally harnesses California’s advantageous business climate.

Navigating California’s Business Landscape: We help you navigate the complexities of California’s business environment with services tailored to include local tax assistance, detailed guidance on California tax benefits, and strategic planning to maximize your company’s growth potential. Whether you want to establish a California business account or seek aid with California-specific BOI compliance, our expert team guarantees a seamless and streamlined setup journey.

Business Bank Accounts


At Legality Link, under the leadership of Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we understand that the right banking solutions are critical to your business’s success. We offer specialized services to set up corporate and foreign business bank accounts, ensuring that your financial operations are aligned with U.S. regulations and optimized for your business needs.

Importance of Proper Financial Tools

Secure Financial Operations: A robust business bank account is essential for managing your company’s finances. It is the backbone of your financial operations, enhancing transaction efficiency and credibility with partners and stakeholders. At Legality Link, we ensure that your business bank account is equipped to handle the complexities of your financial transactions, whether you’re operating domestically or internationally.

Enhanced Business Credibility: A dedicated business bank account helps manage finances and strengthens your business’s credibility. It demonstrates to clients, investors, and regulatory bodies that your company maintains financial integrity and compliance.

Setup Services for Corporate and Foreign Accounts

Corporate Bank Accounts: Tailored to meet the needs of larger enterprises, our corporate bank account setup services include a thorough assessment of your business needs, assistance with bank selection, and the management of all paperwork and compliance requirements. This ensures your corporate finances are streamlined and secure, providing the necessary tools for effective financial management.

Foreign Bank Accounts: Setting up a foreign bank account can be challenging for our international clients, including those looking to enter the U.S. market. Led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, our team provides expert guidance on the best banking strategies, navigates the regulatory landscape, and ensures that your foreign accounts meet all necessary U.S. and international compliance standards.

Comprehensive Tax Services

Embarking on the journey through the intricacies of tax regulations poses a formidable challenge for businesses of any scale. At Legality Link, guided by the expertise of our founder Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we offer tailored tax services that ensure compliance and optimize your financial strategy in the USA. Our approach helps you confidently and precisely manage state and federal tax responsibilities.

Navigating State and Federal Tax Compliance

State and Federal Compliance: Understanding the nuances of tax regulations across various jurisdictions is critical. We specialize in California tax help and broader USA tax assistance, ensuring your business adheres to all applicable tax laws. From routine tax filings to handling intricate compliance issues, our team is equipped to manage every aspect of your tax obligations.

Strategic Compliance Planning: With Evgeniy Kasyanenko’s leadership, Legality Link doesn’t just ensure compliance; we strategize it to benefit your business. We help you navigate the layers of state and federal taxes, offering solutions that minimize liabilities and enhance tax benefits. Whether maximizing deductions or navigating the complexities of BOI compliance, our goal is to make tax compliance a strategic advantage for your business.

Tailored Tax Planning and Reporting

Customized Tax Strategies: Every business and its tax planning needs are unique. Under the guidance of Evgeniy Kasyanenko, our tax professionals develop personalized strategies that align with your specific business objectives. From selecting the proper business structure, like an LLC or corporate form, to planning for potential tax implications, we ensure that your tax strategy supports your business goals.

Detailed Reporting and Analysis: We provide comprehensive tax reporting services that meet compliance requirements and offer insights into your financial health. Our reports are thorough and designed to clearly understand where your business stands and how tax strategies impact your bottom line.

Navigating Business in the USA

Entering the American market requires strategic planning and a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment. At Legality Link, under the direction of Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we guide you through the essential steps for business setup and manage legal and tax considerations specifically for non-residents, ensuring a smooth transition into the U.S. business landscape.

Essential Steps for Business Setup

Business Formation and Registration: Starting your business in the USA begins with choosing the proper structure. We specialize in LLC registration, guiding you through each step, from filing your LLC online to ensuring compliance with state-specific requirements like those in California. Our services extend to registering your company across the USA, helping you understand and navigate the complexities of American corporate law.

Banking and Financial Setup: A critical step in establishing your U.S. presence is setting up the proper business bank account. Legality Link assists with opening both corporate and foreign bank accounts, ensuring they align with your business activities and meet U.S. banking regulations. Evgeniy Kasyanenko’s expertise helps integrate your financial operations with your business strategy.

Legal and Tax Considerations for Non-residents

Tax Compliance and Planning: Our tax assistance goes beyond mere compliance. Our array of tax planning services is meticulously crafted to suit the individual requirements of non-residents, ensuring a customized approach to their financial goals. Whether you need help with California tax help or navigating broader USA tax laws, Legality Link offers strategies to optimize your tax position and reduce liabilities, ensuring you benefit from the most favorable tax conditions.

Navigating U.S. Regulations: Understanding and adhering to U.S. laws can be challenging for non-residents. Legality Link, led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, ensures that your business complies with all federal and state regulations, including the Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report filing and California-specific legal requirements. Our thorough understanding of these regulations helps protect your business from potential legal challenges.

For Ukrainian Entrepreneurs

Under Evgeniy Kasyanenko’s leadership, Legality Link provides tailored support for Ukrainian entrepreneurs looking to establish and grow their businesses in California. Our expertise in navigating U.S. and California-specific business laws ensures a seamless transition for Ukrainians by offering services such as California LLC setup, US bank account openings, and comprehensive tax assistance. We aim to demystify the intricacies of the American market, ensuring that your business endeavor in California not only thrives but also remains fully compliant with regulatory standards.

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic business planning is at the core of what we do at Legality Link. Evgeniy Kasyanenko’s expertise in forming and executing business strategies allows us to offer bespoke planning services that align with your business objectives. Whether embarking on a new entrepreneurial journey or scaling up an existing enterprise, our strategic planning covers a spectrum of essentials – from LLC formation and business registration in California to establishing robust tax and financial frameworks, guaranteeing your business is primed for triumph.

Financial Management Services

Integrating effective financial management systems is vital for any business. At Legality Link, we specialize in incorporating robust financial management practices into your business operations. From setting up corporate bank accounts to managing complex financial reporting, our services ensure efficiency and compliance. Under Evgeniy Kasyanenko’s guidance, we optimize your financial operations, enhancing transparency and accountability, which are crucial for your business’s growth and sustainability.

Understanding California’s Business Environment

California offers a dynamic business environment with unique opportunities and challenges. Legality Link provides a detailed guide to navigating the business laws and tax implications specific to California. Led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, our team delivers expert advice on California LLC registration, state tax compliance, and leveraging local business benefits.

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At Legality Link, led by Evgeniy Kasyanenko, we are dedicated to providing expert guidance and personalized service to help you navigate the complexities of starting and managing your business in the USA. Whether you need assistance with LLC registration, understanding California’s business environment, or setting up your business bank account, our team offers tailored support at every step.

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Whether you’re looking to start a business in California, need detailed tax assistance, or require help with BOI compliance, Evgeniy Kasyanenko and our dedicated team are ready to guide you through the intricacies of the U.S. business landscape.