Sun, Sea, and a Dream Wedding

Sun, Sea, and a Dream Wedding

Phuket – a tropical island with something for everyone. Parties, adventures, thrills and spills, natural beauty, you name is, Phuket has got it. Have you ever considered Phuket as a wedding destination? If not, why not? This place would make that special day even more memorable, and here are a few reasons why……

Luxurious Venues

  • Where do we start with the venues? From stunning beachfront wedding resorts in Phuket, to private, high-end villas in remote locations dotted around this stunning island, you will not be stuck for choices here. Many of the venues can also offer full wedding packages, aimed at taking away the stress of arranging everything individually, and letting you enjoy your time on the island. Event planning, accommodation, catering – you name it, they will have it sorted for you, and what a job I’m sure they will do.

Cultural Experience

  • Having a wedding at home is great. All your friends and family are nearby, you probably have some sort of idea of what you want and where it’ll all take place, and the day will be a great one. But think how much more of an experience that could all be in another country, with all the new sights and smells, a touch a Thai culture thrown into the ceremony, from Thai dancers to traditional Thai music, and even Thai outfits if you want to throw yourself right in. Truly and unforgettable experience. For more on Phuket, and what it has to offer you, take a look at this blog.

Activities for Guests

  • A big part of choosing a wedding location is making sure the guests enjoy their downtime and have plenty of activities to partake in. That won’t be an issue in Phuket. From relaxing on some of Thailand’s best beaches, water sports, such as snorkelling, diving and jet-skis, water parks, island tours that will leave you in awe from the sheer beauty, animal sanctuaries, world-class Muay Thai gyms for the fitness freaks, and some great night markets and temples to get stuck in to, there is always something to do in Phuket, and never a dull moment from this bustling, vivacious island.

Stunning Natural Beauty

  • It wouldn’t be too bold of me to say that Phuket really does feel like heaven on earth in some instances. Just imagine the pristine, white sand beaches, the bluey/turquoise sea water, the stunning viewpoints high above the ocean, forests and beaches, and then to top it all off, some of the best sunrise and sunset locations to be found anywhere. This could be the postcard photo for your wedding backdrop – something that very few people would be lucky enough to have. So why not go for it?

Then there is the stunning food, smiley and friendly locals everywhere you go, the beautiful weather, and the list goes on and on. As someone who has had the pleasure of travelling to Phuket, it really is the kind of place that could turn your wedding into the best day of your life – purely for what it has to offer you and your guests. Check out this page for more information.