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Tiff's Treats Sales & Deals

Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen established Tiff's Treats, a well-known American cookie delivery service, in Austin, Texas, in 1999. Taylor and Chen initially ran a modest business, making cookies in their flat and sending them to friends and family.

introduction of Tiff's treats:

Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen established Tiff's Treats, a well-known American cookie delivery service, in Austin, Texas, in 1999. Taylor and Chen initially ran a modest business, making cookies in their flat and sending them to friends and family.

Tiff's Treats has expanded over time to become a well-known company with more than 60 sites spread across several states in the US. The business specializes in providing warm, newly made cookies right to customers' doorways.

In addition to traditional flavors like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter, Tiff's Treats also sells special flavors like pumpkin spice and gingerbread. The business sells cakes, ice cream, and biscuits in addition to cookies.

Tiff's Treats is now a well-liked option for business gatherings, anniversaries, and other special events. The business takes great pleasure in its dedication to providing excellent customer service, using premium products, and helping the community through various charity efforts.


While Tiffany Taylor and Leon Chen were students at the University of Texas at Austin, they established Tiff's Treats. When Taylor wished to make cookies for a friend's birthday but didn't have a functioning oven, she got the idea for the company. Chen recommended that they get a little oven and start making biscuits to give to their loved ones.

In the beginning, the couple baked pastries in their flat and then delivered them around campus in a Volkswagen Beetle. They started getting orders from individuals outside of their social circle as soon as their cookies started to become famous. They established their first physical location in Austin in 2003.

Tiff's Treats started branching out into additional Texas towns, such as Dallas and Houston, as the company expanded. Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital invested $25 million in the business in 2017, enabling it to grow even more.

More than 60 Tiff's Treats sites can be found in Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Oklahoma at present. Additionally, the business has collaborated with a number of charity groups and projects, such as Cookies for Caring, which helps regional charities in each of the locations where Tiff's Treats works.


a number of nations in the United States, including: Tiff's Treats has more than 60 sites, including:

Texas: Katy, Sugar Land, College Station, Waco, Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, and Tyler as well as Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco

Atlanta, Alpharetta, Marietta, Decatur, and Athens are all in Georgia.

Tennessee: Memphis, Franklin, Brentwood, and

Charlotte, Durham, and Raleigh, North Carolina

Oklahoma: Tulsa and Oklahoma City

Customers can use the company's website or smartphone app to locate the closest Tiff's Treats store and make online orders.

Specialty of the tiff's treats

Tiff's Treats is known for delivering warm, freshly baked biscuits right to customers' doorways. The business takes pleasure in using premium products to make its delicious cookies, such as real butter and premium chocolate. Additionally, they provide a wide range of tastes, such as traditional choices like chocolate chip and sugar and seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice and gingerbread.

Tiff's Treats is renowned for its dedication to providing excellent client care. From the time a client places an order until their cookies are delivered, they work to give them a smooth and pleasurable experience. Customers can monitor orders in real-time, and their delivery workers are renowned for their courteous and efficient service. This allows customers to know precisely when to anticipate their cookies.

Additionally, Tiff's Treats participates in a number of charity programmes like Cookies for Caring, which helps regional nonprofits in each of the locations where it works. Through these programs, the business shows its dedication to supporting the community and having an effect beyond just providing delicious cookies.


Customers have usually given Tiff's Treats good feedback, with many complimenting the standard and flavour of their cookies as well as the practicality of their delivery service. Based on more than 22,000 evaluations, Google has rated the business with a 4.6-star average. Here are a few testimonials from clients:

"Tiff's Treats are incredible! The biscuits are consistently excellent, warm, and fresh. They always arrive on schedule and have excellent customer service. I heartily endorse this business. Sarah T.

I love Tiff's Treats! There are so many fantastic flavors to choose from, and the cookies are always fresh and delicious. The web ordering procedure is simple and quick, and the delivery drivers are consistently courteous and competent. – John M.

I had never tried Tiff's Treats before, but for the party I was throwing, I thought I'd give them a try. The cakes were so delicious, I was taken away! They had a lot of flavor and were toasty and tender. I'll certainly place another purchase with them. Emily S.

Tiff's Treats has a solid reputation for their premium cookies and top-notch customer service, even though there are a few bad reviews from customers who had problems with their purchases or shipping.

Tiff's Treats coupons and promo codes

Customers can occasionally use coupons and promo codes from Tiff's Treats to get discounts on their purchases. You can locate Tiff's Treats vouchers in the following places:

Visit The Tiff's Treats website: On their site or in a header at the top of the page, the business frequently advertises current promotions.

Sign up for the Tiff's Treats email list: To join the Tiff's Treats mailing group, click here. Tiff's Treats email subscribers will get special deals and promos delivered right to their mailbox.

Follow Tiff's Treats on social media: Tiff's Treats frequently posts exclusive deals and promos to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles.

Search for coupons on websites: Tiff's Treats discounts and discount codes are frequently available on websites like Takebigoff..

Advantages of using Tiff's Treats coupons

Customers can gain from using Tiff's Treats discount coupons in a number of ways, including:

Saving money: The ability to save money on purchases from Tiff's Treats is perhaps the most apparent advantage of using discount codes. Promo codes may give complimentary gifts, such as a dozen cookies with a purchase, or reductions on the overall cost of a transaction.

Trying new flavors: Customers may be able to use promo codes to test new flavors or goods at a reduced cost, which can be a fantastic way to find new favorites.

Convenience: Using discount codes can make placing an order from Tiff's Treats even simpler and more reasonable. From the convenience of their homes, customers can purchase their preferred treats and have them brought right to their door.

Supporting a charitable cause: Some Tiff's Treats discount coupons may be used to support a good cause like Cookies for Caring. Customers can take advantage of these discounts and experience delectable treats while also helping a worthy cause.

Customers can save money, test out new tastes, and even donate to a good cause by using Tiff's Treats discount coupons, among other advantages.

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