Tips To Make Your Foreplay Sessions Longer And More Pleasurable

Tips To Make Your Foreplay Sessions Longer And More Pleasurable

Sex and pleasure come hand in hand. But, it stays as long as the act of intercourse goes on. To make your sexual pleasure stay longer, you can indulge in long foreplay sessions. This will help you enjoy the same excitement for as long as you wish. The following are a few ways to enjoy your foreplay sessions for a longer time.

Do Not Start With the Intention to Have Sex

The first thing that you should keep in mind if you want to enjoy your foreplay session entirely is to keep every thought of sex out of your mind. Even if you have hired an escort to have a wild sex experience, at least for the foreplay part, keep this idea out of your mind. 

This will help you focus on the foreplay part more intensely. Otherwise, you will soon be consumed by the thoughts of imminent intercourse and the slow-burning process of foreplay will lose its charm. Once both of you are ready to dive into the ocean of the deepest pleasure you can link your last act of foreplay with it.

Engage In Sensual Messaging

During the foreplay session, texting can be an excellent way to keep the heat on without letting it burn you. This means, that reading the sensual messages will simply keep you excited and keen enough for an imminent sexual interaction but would not make you desperate for it. 

This is the beauty of foreplay. It lets all the emotions sail through your blood without hitting the final nerve. Professional escorts and sex models know the tricks of the trade and can help you enjoy sexting for a substantial time to let you enjoy a long foreplay session.

Use Sex Toys for Stimulation

Sex toys are an excellent choice for making your sex life more eventful and pleasurable. But, they can be equally useful for making your foreplay session longer and more fun-filled. 

But, you need to know how to use them in the best way to keep your foreplay session going for a longer time. This is where expert professional escorts can help.

They know how to use a dildo or a handcuff to allow you to feel excited but not ready enough to go for the final act. Your escort will know unusual foreplay acts using sex toys you never knew existed.

Use Dirty Words to Express Your Desires

When it comes to stretching foreplay hours, using dirty words can help. For example, if it has been you’re desire of yours to have your cock sucked under the stars, express the same to your escort using the dirtiest words you know. You do not have to always straight away dive into the act. 

But, uttering those words will surely bring a certain amount of thrill to the environment. 

The words will turn both of you on almost instantly without necessitating touching each other. You can continue to share such desires with each other using dirty words to kick-start your foreplay session.

Start In the Kitchen or Living Room

Bedrooms are stereotypical for sex. Once you walk into the bedroom, your mind almost gets conditioned for intercourse. The best way to make your foreplay session longer would be to start the act of touching and caressing in the kitchen or living room. 

This will give the act a feeling of suddenness which always acts in favor of excitement. You can also use the kitchen top, the dining table, or the sofa for a few foreplay acts like undressing each other, touching at the sensual spots, chasing each other to grab a hold, etc. 

Kitchen tops are also a great place to enjoy oral sex. It gives some positional advantage.

Abstain From Kissing Each Other

As long as you can, try not to kiss each other. If you have hired a professional escort, she would take charge of the entire foreplay act and stop you from getting overly excited. 

Throughout the session of foreplay, you need to use all your senses. Stimulations should come from watching, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching. 

Therefore, watch nude films together, discuss sex positions, touch each other softly, and caress from time to time. Jumping to kissing each other too soon will only shorten the duration of foreplay.

Read a Sexy Story Together

This could be a little out of the box, but it is extremely effective. Reading a sex story together will help both of you imagine the same things at the same time. 

The enactment of the story in your mind excites you gradually but intensely and both partners will reach the same level of desires soon. 

This trick could be a fine way to start from the same level of passion so that the next discourse remains equally enjoyable for both. is a reliable platform for hiring escorts. You will find Asian, African, Spanish, and American beauties ether. Based on your preference, you can pick anyone and experience a roller-coaster sex life.


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