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To Do or Not To Do for a Dental Composite Bonding

Unfortunately, most people do not like the way they smile. Indeed, it is hard to hear but it is true. One of the primary reasons for this is their oral condition. Not everyone is born with a set of beautiful teeth. Gone are the days when you had no other choice but to sit back and deal with your flawed smile. Now, with the help of various cosmetic dentistry procedures, you can improve your smile for the better.

Of all the cosmetic dentistry processes, the one that has grape the attention of many is dental composite bonding. This is a unique way to enhance your smile with the help of a composite resin material. So, if you have any gaps or cracks, or chips in your teeth, the composite dental bonding can eliminate all that and come up with a brighter smile. One of the positive sides of composite bonding is it can clear unwanted marks and stains from your teeth.

As mentioned earlier, there are several cosmetic dentistry procedures to beautify your smile. Now you might have a dilemma as to whether to choose some other procedures or stick to the composite dental bonding treatment. To find a clear answer to this query, you have to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of composite dental bonding. That's what we have shared in this blog. So, without any further delay, let's dive into the details of the blog straight away.

What is composite dental bonding?

Composite dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that the dentist or orthodontics conducts to enhance your smile. In short, the primary purpose of undergoing composite dental bonding is to improve your smile. In this process, the dentist uses a resin that is exactly the shade of your natural teeth.

Right from tooth discoloration to closing the gaps in your teeth and concealing the cracks and chips in your teeth, composite dental bonding does it all. You will be surprised to know that through composite dental bonding, you can change the shape of your teeth and make them look younger and better. So, if you want to give your teeth and new look, this composite dental bonding treatment is appropriate for you.

Advantages of composite dental bonding

Want to know whether composite dental bonding is beneficial for you? Given below are some of the advantages of composite dental bonding:

  • Imparts a natural look

One of the greatest benefits of undergoing a composite dental bonding treatment is the natural look and feel it offers. Once you undergo the treatment, people will barely understand whether you have anything on the surface of your teeth. To make this happen, the dentist makes use of a composite reason in the color of your original teeth. They apply the reason on top of your teeth and use a tool to mold and smoothen it to give the perfect shape.

  • Invasive treatment

The composite dental bonding treatment is an invasive process where you lose very less amount of your dental enamel. This is because the dentist rubs the surface of your teeth to make it rough. This roughness on the surface of your teeth helps the resin to get stuck and remain in place for a long time. However, this is not at all a painful process. The dental enamel that you lose can cause a little tooth sensitivity. But this is temporary.

  • Cost-effective process

One of the major aspects that most people undergoing dental treatment pay attention to is the cost of the treatment. You certainly do not want a kind of dental treatment that burns a hole in your pocket. If you have concerns about the cost of a composite dental bonding procedure, know that it is extremely cost-effective. Compared to dental veneers, composite dental bonding is cheap and lasts for a long time.

  • Quick and fast treatment

We know the kind of busy schedule and lifestyle you lead these days. Keeping that in mind, you certainly do not want to invest your time in a dental treatment that demands you to stay at home for at least a week. Compared to other cosmetic dentistry treatments, the composite dental bonding treatment takes just an hour or so to finish the treatment. However, make sure to have an appointment prior to the treatment. Again, the time of the treatment may vary from person to person and depends mostly on your oral condition.

Disadvantages of composite dental bonding

Indeed, there are some shortcomings in a composite dental bonding treatment. Knowing the drawbacks of the treatment can help you decide whether you want to go ahead with the treatment. So, here are the disadvantages of a composite dental bonding treatment:

  • Less durable

Although the dentist uses a durable composite resin on the surface of the teeth in composite dental bonding, it is not as durable as the veneers. The veneers are made up of porcelain. Compared to the composite resin in the composite dental bonding treatment, the veneer treatment uses porcelain shells to install on the surface of the teeth that last for more than a decade.

  • Resistant to stains

The one thing that most people do not want on the surface of their teeth is unwanted marks and stains. More people shy away from smiling openly in public due to tooth discoloration. Unfortunately, composite dental bonding cannot fight this problem. Since the dentist applies the composite raising material on the surface of your teeth, you cannot remove them and clean them from time to time. In short, they remain stuck to your teeth. Due to exposure to dark-colored foods and drinks, this composite resin gets stained.

  • Gets damaged easily

If you have plans to go ahead with the composite dental bonding treatment, be prepared to avoid eating or drinking anything that might cause a crack or chip, or mark on your teeth. Right from biting your fingernails to chewing your pencil or eating an ice cube, composite dental bonding prevents you to do all of these.


Therefore, now you can make a conscious decision about whether you should look for composite bonding. Make sure to have a detailed discussion with your dentist before undergoing the treatment. If you are still looking for some other cosmetic dentistry procedures, we have your back.

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