Top Tips for a Memorable Family Barbecue

Top Tips for a Memorable Family Barbecue

As winter begins to draw to a close and spring will begin in less than a month, many people are already starting to benefit from the longer, lighter days and slightly warmer weather. Soon, warmer, brighter days will be common, and getting outdoors will become a pleasure that all the family can enjoy. 

One of the key highlights of any year for many families is being able to hold a barbecue in the backyard. This can be the ideal opportunity to relax and have fun with family members and close friends, enjoying freshly grilled food and outdoor entertainment. 

If you’re looking forward to hosting your next barbecue, the following article will help you to plan for it. Some top tips are discussed that will ensure that the event is both fun and memorable. 

Some outdoor activities to consider

While the adults cook the food on the barbecue, other family members and the children can enjoy playing outdoors in the fresh air. However, it’s important to have some fun activities that don’t encroach on the cooking area. 

If you have a larger backyard, playing soccer can be ideal for some family fun, but may not be suitable for smaller gardens where there’s a risk of the ball hitting the grill or disrupting the cooking. 

Consider other games that don’t need large areas of free space. A perfect game to play outdoors for many Americans is cornhole. Kids and adults can play together, aiming to throw their bean bags into the hole at the top of the board (or at least land the bags on the board). 

If you’re patriotic American, buy a cornhole set with the American flag proudly displayed on the board. This traditional game is ideal for barbecues as it doesn’t need much outdoor space and will keep everyone entertained as they look forward to their meals.

Prepare your food in advance

No family barbecue is complete without a range of menu options, including salads and sides with the main meat dishes that will be grilled. However, it’s important to remember that many of these dishes can be prepared before the grilling starts. 

Salads and side dishes can be prepared in the hours before your family barbecue starts and meat can be marinated beforehand to ensure that the flavors get into the meat. Ideally, your cold dishes will be ready to go before you start grilling the meat, ensuring that there are no delays, and the food can be served as a complete meal.

Seating options

If you regularly host family barbecues, you may likely have already created a permanent outdoor dining area that allows al fresco dining in the warmer months. Creating a raised area in your garden (ideally by using wooden decking,) and placing all-weather furniture in the space can instantly transform your backyard into a barbecue-ready space. 

However, if you don’t have a dedicated outdoor seating area, you can prepare one at short notice and with minimal fuss. Simply use a large table from your kitchen or dining room and some chairs. Smaller children can sit on beanbags for additional seating options that are quick to set up.