What Can We Discover In Path Of Exile 3.24 Tier 17 Map Boss? – All 5 Reworks Uniques Explained

What Can We Discover In Path Of Exile 3.24 Tier 17 Map Boss? – All 5 Reworks Uniques Explained

With POE 3.24 coming soon, the new expansion also brings us a series of new content. Among them, notably, Necropolis introduces Tier 17 Map, offering exciting challenges as well as terrifying modifiers. What’s more, Tier 17 Map Bosses offer special drop tables, making them the only source of certain unique items.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 5 unique items that will drop exclusively from the penultimate boss in the new Tier 17 Map.

However, these are not new unique items, but existing unique items that have been reworked. These items have been taken from the core drop pool, heavily buffed and injected as exclusive boss drops. If you want to obtain and upgrade these Uniques in Necropolis League, it is definitely a smart move to buy POE Currency to fully be prepared!

Dark Seer

First, let’s start with one of Uniques not shown in the reveal, and that’s Dark Seer Unique Sceptre, which gets a pretty big buff. Because of this change, Dark Seer Scepter will now have +2 to the level of all Spell Skill Gems, and will now roll 1-2 points per level of Max Mana and Energy Shield.

So with two rolls of these two mods, when you reach high levels, you will get more Mana and Energy Shield from it.

Malediction part of the item has also changed a lot. Previously, this mod would blind you, and then it would also blind the enemy when you were blinded. The enemy blinded by you had Malediction. But now you don’t need to be blinded, you just need to inflict blindness, and the item already has a handy global blind chance.

Malediction is a great debuff that causes monsters to take 10% more damage and 10% less damage. That’s really the whole theme of this item, a middle ground between offensive and defensive. Therefore, we can improve the stats of this Scepter by investing a certain amount of POE Currency, and use it as our chief weapon of choice.

There is no mention of other versions of Dark Seer in the patch notes. But Dark Seer previously had three different types of working methods: one that granted Life and Mana, one that granted Life and Energy Shield, and one that granted Mana and Energy Shield.

My guess is that this version will replace all three older versions and will now be the only one you can get.

So which boss will this new Dark Seer drop from? I think this will come from Uber Lycia fight. Since Dark Seer is a Unique from Beyond League, with Scourge replacing Beyond, I think it makes sense for this item to drop from Herald of the Scourge.

Yoke Of Suffering

Next up is another unique that wasn’t shown in the trailer, and that’s Yoke of Suffering. This Amulet got a simpler change in POE 3.24 modifier, which makes enemies take more damage from each different type of ailments you deal with them.

The rolling range is now increased from a flat 5% damage to a 5%-10% damage increase. It’s worth noting that you can also buy Divine Orbs to update existing items to new values.

This Amulet is already good. Because having enemies take increased damage is a powerful stat for many builds, especially the type of build that wants to take advantage of it. So I expect this new version of Yoke of Suffering to be used a lot.

I think this one will drop from the fight with Uber Unbreakable. But I don’t have a good reason for this, other than I think it makes sense for other Uniques to drop from other bosses.


So let’s look at the next unique. This one was shown off in the reveal, and it’s a massively improved Wraithlord Unique Helmet.

This Helmet now has 4 Abyssal Sockets and allows you to have an extra +1 to your max Spectres on Ghastly Eye Jewel in each slot, so that will be an extra +4 to your max Spectres. And it will also add 1-2 to the level of all Minion Skill Gems.

In fact, this item is definitely the most insane of the 5 reworked Uniques. And there will even be some new Specters in this League, possibly including some from Affliction, such as Dark Marionette. So I have a feeling this will be a Necromancer Specter league for a lot of people.

I think the Wraithlord will most likely drop from a fight with Uber Catarina or Uber Abyssal and would make the most sense.


Next up is another Unique shown off in the reveal, and that’s Manastorm Unique Shield.

I really like all the changes the developers made to this Shield. Whenever you cast a spell, this Manastorm causes you to sacrifice all mana and gain maximum lightning damage based on 50% of the mana sacrificed. But you can use Divine Orbs on existing items to get updated lightning damage at a percentage of the Sacrificed Mana value.

But that’s not the only change they made to this item. Because they also added two new stats and changed to two old ones. Manastorm now increases the mana recovered from Flask by 1%-100% and grants 1-100 mana per enemy killed.

I think the new Manastorm Shield might drop from Utzaal battle. But the only explanation I have for this speculation is the footage showing the item in which the character is standing in Utzaal Arena.

Malachai’s Mark

Finally, we have the improved Malachai’s Mark Gloves. Previously, this mod granted a buff every 6 seconds, rotating through Malachai’s Endurance, Frenzy and Power. These buffs are used to provide a 20% chance to gain Endurance, Frenzy or Power Charge upon killing an enemy, depending on the type of buff.

But in POE 3.24, the chance of getting Endurance, Frenzy or Power Charge will be changed from 20% on kill to 10%. This means you need a pretty good hit rate since you only have a 10% chance.

Now, if the predictions about Uniques dropped by previous Ubers are correct, this Gloves will be dropped by the last boss that is currently unknown, namely Uber Malachai.


Overall, I really like the idea of these new penultimate bosses having some Uniques that can be dropped via target farming. I also think it’s great that they took some Uniques from the core drop pool and reworked them instead of just making new items. Because as far as a couple of these Uniques are concerned, they haven’t really been used in any builds before.

So, what do you think of these unique reworked items? How about the last unknown penultimate boss? See you next time!