What is the cost of Freedom? Vehicle Ownership Expenses and Advantages

What is the cost of Freedom Vehicle Ownership Expenses and Advantages

Cars became popular because they offered freedom of movement. There is another freedom-of-movement movement happening right now with employment mobility. Employment is transactional, not career-focused. More than ever, we are enjoying hybrid, remote, or contract work/life balanced lives. 

Mobility requires transportation. The Australian Automobile Association’s (AAA) recent research paints an expensive picture of vehicle ownership. On average, we spend $415 per week on transportation costs, up 8% over last year. There are multiple costs associated with auto ownership, and they are increasing. 

  • Australia ranks 24th out of 191 nations for the least vehicle accidents per 100,000 Aussies. I feel there are more accidents than that. We would hope low statistics would bring down insurance costs and increase services. That is not the case.
  • Accident management providers put us back on similar wheels while our wreck is repaired or replaced. Insurance can move slowly. Accident managers bridge the gap so you can remain mobile without waiting for paperwork and approvals. I will know when I’m in the Right place for accident management when I find the following qualities;
  • A rapid response time is key in emergencies, effective recovery starts at the impact
  • Licensing and certifications by recognized industry bodies
  • Ability to produce positive feedback from prior clients and current vendors
  • Clear communication with customers, vendors, and stakeholders
  • Someone who works with all concerned parties to eliminate roadblocks to problem resolution
  • Maintenance and repair costs are rising due to material costs and supply issues. Supply chains are not stretched they are broken for many sectors.
  • Reggo, tax, and documents have never been reduced in price. If the state could add luggage fees to cars, they would.
  • Value depreciation occurs at 12.5% per year across the first 8 years of operation.

We talked about the freedom of auto ownership. We can go anywhere, see new sights, meet new people, get lost, or revisit our favourite places. Other expenses are divided across more attributes.

  • How long will an ambulance take to reach your house for an emergency? When your home is far from population centres, reaching services could take precious time.
  • The variety of vehicles matches our diversity of interests. Get in your car and find your pleasure. 
  • A ute has a fun factor and is a powerful tool that can fit any trade or hobby, increasing business and joy all on 4 wheels. 

Other than registration and taxes, our government has regulations and laws we need to follow to reduce costs on ourselves. Research from billions of driven kilometers repeatedly shows we don’t learn lessons. On the roadways, someone will pay with their life to learn a lesson. 

Our highways are not playgrounds or race tracks. They are not a coliseum for disputes to be settled. Roads are designed, engineered, and built to help us move freely. 

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedoms of others.” Nelson Mandela