What to Look for When Buying Tub Chairs for Your Café

Tub Chairs

If you are a café owner, you understand that customers visit your business for different reasons. Whether they want to catch up after work, lose themselves in a book, or even enjoy a leisurely coffee, all customers want an adaptable space.

With their unique back and curved armrests, café tub chairs can pamper your guests. Tub chairs come in different colors, sizes, and styles. 

Similar to purchasing a cesca chair, you will need some tips when shopping for your next café tub. Consider the following:


Sometimes, the customers will want to spend a lot of time in your café. Whether working or just having a good time, their comfort will be decisive in how much time they will spend. Find chairs with enough padding, supportive backrests, and an appealing design. 

The cushion should neither be too soft nor too stiff. Find a good balance. Ensure that the backrest can hold and support the spine’s natural curve. Customers would appreciate a well-structured armrest that can accommodate their height for proper relaxation. 

Comfort motivates the customer to stay longer in your café and wants to return.


Consider a bustling café environment. One chair will serve a handful of customers while constantly being moved back and forth. Slowly but surely, wear and tear kicks in. 

Investing in a durable chair will save you repair and replacement costs. Besides, it will offer stability and additional comfort to your customers.

The secret of chair strength is hidden in the frames. Go for hardwood materials or even metallic frames—that withstand heavy weights—and ensure the fabric used is compatible with the frame’s material. 

Easy Clean Up

Expect a lot of spillage in your café. The chair’s material should be easy to clean and should not leave unnecessary marks after wiping. Quality material such as vinyl would be an excellent choice since it is moisture resistant. 

In most states, health departments constantly inspect restaurants and cafes. The inspection officers might even require the business to post cleanliness ratings. Considering these inspections are random, the café owner will want the establishment to always be clean. Easy-to-clean tab chairs will help you stay prepared. 

Café owners who prefer fabric chairs should go for tun chairs that have removable and washable coverings. 

Style and Design 

Apart from being just a place to sit on, your cafe chairs are part of your cafe’s look and feel. They are part of the café’s decoration, complementing any wall or floor structuring and colors. What look do you prefer: homey or rusty or sleek and modern? Your chairs will help bring that to life.

Consider the shape as well. Decide whether to go for soft and rounded ones for a homely feel or sharp and angular for a touch of modernity.

Size and Proportions 

Ensure the chairs have proper sizing to suit your space. Regardless of the size, the chairs have to be comfortable for guests of all heights and body structures. However, you do not want them to be so bulky as to not be moved easily around the café. 

Check on the footprint of your chairs. The chairs should allow enough clearance beside them in order for staff and customers to meander through. 

Additionally, make sure that the height of your chairs matches the tables well for comfortable dining or work. Ideally, the right seat for a chair is about 18″ while providing about 12″ of free space between the seat top and tabletop. 

Stackability and Storage

If your café has limited space, consider purchasing chars that can easily be stacked for storing. Flexibility in storage helps free some space, which could be used for other purposes like dances and small parties. 

Lighter chairs, which are easier to lift, will reduce any efforts needed when rearranging your space. If you have an outdoor chamber for your café, light chairs are easier to return indoors in case of rain or disruptive winds.


Safety should be your priority. Ensure there are no sharp edges that could potentially injure your customer or staff. We have yet to find a customer who returned to a café where they got hurt.


Buying the right tub chairs should be an easier job if you put these factors into serious consideration.