Why is Video Content So Powerful?

Why is Video Content So Powerful?

Video is arguably the best, most effective storytelling medium we have at hand in 2024. While some consumers and audiences do prefer text-based content, far more people respond to video, and this channel is ideal for cultivating, connecting, and converting leads. It also works incredibly well for corporate videos.

The vast majority of the information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the human brain processes visuals sixty-thousand times faster than the written word. This translates to video being much more engaging and easier to consume and remember than text-based content like written articles. As such marketers and business owners really can’t afford to ignore the power of video marketing in their overall marketing, advertising, and branding strategies.

Did You Know?

·  Most audiences prefer to watch video content than read text or listen to audio alone.

·  The average person watches 17 hours of video content each week.

·  Videos are the most shared form of social content.

·  More than half of today’s consumers feel more confident shopping online after watching product videos.

·  Website visits are almost 90% longer for sites with videos.

·  Most audiences retain and recall 95% of a video message they’ve watched compared with just 10% of written content they’ve read.

Consumers report that watching a marketing video has:

·  Helped them discover and explore a product or service

·  Compelled them to click through to the brand or product website

·  Convinced them to purchase a product or service

·  Compelled them to share it with others

Video marketing now outperforms traditional marketing across many industries, and it is an engaging, dynamic way to communicate with your target audience.

In terms of B2B and corporate videos, almost three-quarters of organisations report that these have positively influenced their marketing results.

More than 90% of businesses use video marketing in 2024. It is a great way to:

·  Increase brand awareness

·  Boost consumer understanding of your product or service

·  Support your SEO efforts and improve organic search results

·  Drive website traffic

·  Increase website and landing page dwell time

·  Generate high-value leads

·  Increase click-throughs, conversions, and sales

·  Reduce customer support queries

·  Improve return on investment

From commercial to corporate video production, hiring a professional to help is a very wise investment. They can work with you to not only design and produce video content that’s on-brand, but that also suits platforms including social media, mobile, TV, and more.

Videos demand attention, are passively consumed, and trigger visceral connections. They are extremely effective.

Why not do it yourself? Aside from a likely lack of technical expertise and the required tools to achieve your own video production, a shortage of time is a major block for business owners. After all, if you are spending time on the nitty-gritty of your marketing strategy, how will you have time to run your business? And enjoy your life?

Working with the right video production company is a cost-effective, high-ROI approach to implementing video content into your website, social media posts, advertising, branding strategy, digital marketing, PR, and more. It’s worth the investment!