Why You Should Consider Using Regular Cannabis Seeds – 5 Important Reasons!

Why You Should Consider Using Regular Cannabis Seeds – 5 Important Reasons!

Many people give up using regular weed seeds when growing marijuana. They opt exclusively for feminized counterparts, yet regular seeds have so much to offer. We discuss this matter here. Why should you even consider planting regular seeds? Do the plants that grow from them have characteristics that feminized counterparts do not? Read more to find out!

1. Cultivation using regular marijuana seeds = closer to nature

Regular marijuana seeds, as their name suggests, are ordinary and natural seeds of this plant. They occur naturally, and therefore their genetic material can be either male or female. This means that every grower has a 50% chance of cultivating a male or female specimen without the certainty of ending up with a female plant.

In the past, only regular seeds were used because feminized ones were unknown. From these seeds (you can find regular seeds at GanjaFarmer), male plants grew, which produced pollen sacs that would open at the right time and release pollen. This pollen was then captured by the stigmas of female plant flowers. Pollination occurred, and then the female plant produced seeds. This process has been rolling on for centuries and will roll until there is no Earth, no more. Seriously, cannabis is resilient plant! Why do we mention this?

Because this is exactly what the natural life cycle of a plant called marijuana looks like. Nowadays, growers use regular seeds primarily to create hybrids of various marijuana strains. Without regular seeds, there would be no crossing, and thus no new strains would emerge. Feminized seeds only grow female plants, so there is no way to obtain pollen. No pollen equals no pollination, no pollination equals no new crossbreed strains.

2. Plants from regular weed seeds are more resilient!

It’s true that with regular cannabis seeds you can be surprised with a male plant. However, when you do get a female plant, you end up with truly resilient marijuana! We’re talking primarily about its resistance to various environmental factors, but also to diseases.

A female plant grown from regular marijuana seeds tends to be more resistant to mechanical damage, effects of periodic water shortages, gusty winds, and microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi. This resistance also translates into its ability to produce larger and stronger yields!

Plants from regular weed seeds are more resilient!

So, it can be confidently said that the lucky one who receives a female plant gets a real beast genetically prepared for tough conditions. Bigger yields? Definitely! Greater potency, absolutely! Resilience? High! That’s the real advantage of growing from regular seeds!

3. Regular cannabis seeds are cheaper!

It must be acknowledged – regular marijuana seeds are definitely cheaper than their feminized counterparts. This is because regular seeds do not need to undergo processes that ensure they become fully female. These treatments, although they don’t affect the quality of the seeds, only the sex of the plant that grows from them, have their price.

So, if you are considering growing marijuana (of course, if you live in one of the U.S. states that allow such a possibility) and want to buy cheap seeds, then regular seeds are for you. They are much cheaper, and often the chance of getting female specimens can increase. It sometimes happens that out of 10 regular seeds, only 3 are male, and the rest are female!

4. Enhanced mother plants

Regular seeds are invaluable for growers looking to cultivate robust mother plants. Mother plants derived from regular seeds generally exhibit stronger, more stable genetics compared to those from feminized seeds. This robustness is crucial for cloning, as it ensures that the clones inherit the resilience and diverse characteristics of the mother.

Cultivating mother plants from regular seeds also allows growers to preserve the genetic purity and continue producing consistent, high-quality clones over many generations, thus maintaining the integrity of the strain.

Using regular seeds for mother plants offers the flexibility to perpetually rejuvenate your garden with plants that have proven their worth. This method helps in selecting and reinforcing desirable traits such as disease resistance, yield size, and potency, ultimately leading to a more sustainable and productive cultivation practice. Growers who invest in regular seeds for mother plants are investing in the future of their cannabis cultivation endeavors.

5. Why regular cannabis seeds? Because it is fun to grow regular plants!

Cultivating cannabis from regular seeds poses unique challenges that can be highly rewarding for experienced growers. The unpredictability of growing both male and female plants demands a deep understanding of plant biology and proactive management. This process, which includes determining the sex of the plants early and deciding their fate—whether to breed them, remove them, or use males for producing derivatives like hash—adds a layer of complexity that enhances a grower’s skills.

This hands-on engagement with the cultivation process can be especially gratifying, as it allows growers to develop a more intimate connection with their garden. Successfully managing the nuances of regular seed cultivation not only brings a sense of achievement but also deepens the appreciation for the art of growing cannabis. Regular seeds offer a return to the fundamentals of cannabis cultivation, presenting opportunities to apply skills in meaningful ways that feminized seeds cannot, making them a valuable choice for both novice and expert growers alike.