7 Reasons Why You Need a Machine Washable Rug in Your Home

7 Reasons Why You Need a Machine Washable Rug in Your Home

Rugs play an important role in interior decoration; they provide a cozy feel, texture, and style to any room. But maintaining them is quite a difficult task. And that’s where machine washable rug come in use. Maintaining washable rugs is easy as compared to traditional rugs. In this blog, we will explore 7 reasons why machine washable rugs are beneficial for your home, from ease of cleaning to wide variety in design.

Types of Rugs Available in The Market 

Rugs can be defined in many ways and their uniqueness can be seen through their different features, designs, and shapes. Here are some of the most common types of rugs you can find: 

  1. Area Rugs: 

These rugs are available in different sizes and shapes, such as ovals, squares, and rectangles. These rugs help to create different zones in homes such as dining places or sitting places.

  1. Round Rugs nz: 

Round rugs nz gives the room a visible effect and a soft glossy look. They work best when defining a relaxing space (e.g. a seating area), around a circular dining table, or in a child’s or nursery room.

  1. Natural Fiber Rugs: 

The natural fiber rugs are made from biodegradable materials such as jute, sisal, or seagrass and hence they are eco-friendly and robust. These create just the right amount of roughness and warmth that will go well with any space and are perfect to add the feeling of rusticity or coastal touch to your home.

  1. Traditional Rugs: 

Traditional rugs are made from natural fibers. They create luxury and formal touches in any room which makes them suitable for traditional living rooms and dining rooms.

  1. Modern Rugs: 

Modern rugs blend traditional designs and contemporary patterns. They give a fresh and quirky touch to any room, being perfect for modern or traditionally styled interiors.

  1. Runner Rugs: 

Runner rugs are rather long and narrow and they work well in hallways, entryways, or narrow spaces. They bring warmth and class to your house and are best suited for areas with high traffic.

Benefits of Washable Rugs

Machine washable rug provide a variety of benefits that’s why they are preferred in both residential and commercial settings. Here are some key benefits of opting for machine-washable rugs:

  1. Convenience: 

Maybe the most compelling advantage of machine-washable rugs is their convenience. Unlike usual rugs that have to be cleaned by professionals or just treated for spots, machine-washable rugs can be simply washed at home. This is a time- and money-saving and also makes it easier to maintain the rugs.

  1. Easy Cleaning: 

Machine washable rug allow quick cleaning and freshness if you just put the rug inside the washing machine. This feature is rather crucial to those who have pets, children, or busy areas that tend to spill or stain. Regular washing can remove dust, allergens, and dirt that are trapped in the fibers and may give a room a cleaner indoor environment.

  1. Quick Drying: 

Machine washable rugs can dry quickly. The quick drying also helps in the easy regular cleaning of rugs. This feature of traditional rugs makes it stand out from other rugs.

  1. Stain Resistance: 

Another reason why traditional rugs are better is that most of them are made from stain-removing coating or materials that repel liquids and stains. This is the reason why they become a great option for areas having spill frequently like the kitchen, dining room, and playroom. Stain-resistant features help improve the longevity of the rug and help in keeping its appearance over the long term.

  1. Hygienic Solution: 

Regular laundry of rugs helps maintain clean and healthy indoor air by removing dust, microbes, and allergens. Machine washable rugs are the convenient and safe solution that allows you to keep your floor clean and hygienic—a fact that is especially important for people having pets or allergies.

  1. Versatile Design Options: 

Machine washable rugs can be found in different styles, shades, and designs, thus providing different decor styles and choices. No matter whether you are into modern minimalism or bohemian chic, classic, or minimal elegance, there is a machine washable rug to close the gap between your home design and taste. Furthermore, there are various designs available in rugs such as flat area rugs or round rugs Nz can be easily placed in any space. 

  1. Cost-Effective: 

The machine washable area rugs may have a slightly higher price than traditional rugs but they promise to save money on professional deep cleaning. Their lifespan gets extended through regular washing which makes them a perfect choice.


Round rugs Nz that are affordable to both clean and available in different designs are an ideal solution to the difficulties of cleaning rugs and are also convenient for your home. For your home decoration, make a stop at Missamara as they have the best rugs for sale. Pick up a machine-washable rug right now to make your home clean, fresh, and fashionable.