Choose your upholstery online easily

Choose your upholstery online easily

There are numerous websites selling saddlery , harnesses and saddles. We can easily count around thirty of them. It’s tempting to stop at the first sites that come up when you’re searching for them.

It’s understandable. No one wants to go through the pages of their favorite search engine, one after the other, in a completely random manner. Under these conditions, the Internet user ends up making a natural selection, based on somewhat risky criteria. It is undoubtedly possible to act differently and do better.

After all, saddlery items can be very expensive. Which is not just a question of price, but of the right adaptation of the product to its use. For example, an imitation leather saddle is generally inexpensive, but its cost will quickly appear unjustified if its use turns out to be completely inappropriate.

This problem is all the more sensitive as the product selehction takes place online and not physically in a real store. To take full advantage of the facilities offered by a platform, it is useful to follow some tips to choose, for example, your online saddlery

Determine in advance your determining selection criteria

These are the criteria that will allow you to make an initial classification between the different platforms that you have consulted. This ranking will depend on what is important to you. Not everyone has the same priorities.

A manufacturer’s marketplace or web store

Your first criterion should be whether you want to deal with a marketplace or with the manufacturer itself. Remember that a marketplace offers items from several suppliers. Amazon provides a good example of this.

Depending on the reputation of the marketplace, the products offered are more or less supervised and more or less monitored. A manufacturer’s website works differently. It is also often associated with a physical store where it is possible to see and touch the items pre-selected on the website. 

Common selection criteria for online saddlery

If you are a little organized, you can create a double entry table with these criteria. In column, you put the sites selected by you, Online, the criteria important to you.

Take, for example, from the following list price, quality, availability, payment, invoicing, delivery, returns, loyalty program. At the top of the table, the most important criterion, at the bottom, the least important.

You can also put scores on each on a scale of 1 to 10, then take an average. By comparing averages, you should easily determine which offer is best for you.

Obviously, the preparation of this table is linked to the envisaged amount of your order. The higher this amount, the more this table will reassure you.

How to give a rating

It mainly depends on your profile.

Price, quality, availability, payment for online saddlery

Price : If it fits your budget, you should give it the highest rating. You can add a bonus if this price is also the subject of a promotion. Discount or refund of the difference with the lower price of an identical item.

Quality : it depends on what you are looking for. No point giving a high rating to a very nice brand saddle if it doesn’t suit your practice. Quality is a variable concept. You can therefore give a good rating to an imitation leather jumping saddle, if you are just taking your first steps in this field and you do not intend to compete.

Availability : nothing is more annoying than choosing an item that is ultimately no longer available in stock. That said, still look at the suggestions for comparable products that the site can give you. It’s also a good point that he can do it.

Payment : it goes without saying that it must be secure. The payment options in several installments without fees are a plus. Especially if you are ready to make a budgetary effort. These formulas are often placed at the bottom of the page of websites. 

 Billing, delivery, returns, loyalty program for an online saddlery

Invoicing Often: this is sent online at the time of payment. The way it is written gives indications of the quality of the platform’s service.

 Delivery : this is not a neutral criterion. For a relatively high order amount, they are generally free. The free limit varies depending on the site and the delivery method. So, for example, for some sites, free access starts from 70 euros, for others from 150 euros.

 Feedback : this is an important point. Any purchase may not be suitable once it arrives at its destination. The return conditions are therefore obvious selection criteria. Not only by applying the “satisfied or refunded” formula, but above all according to the methods implemented by the platform to organize this return. Don’t be disappointed. The same goes for a purchase in a physical store.

The loyalty program : the existence of a loyalty program is not without importance. It can ultimately represent a significant saving which can be combined with promotional offers. It is all the more encouraging to choose your platform carefully, because it is certain that equipment purchases become very frequent, once the practice becomes regular. In general, a loyalty program is often associated with a catalog containing numerous references. Do not hesitate to contact the distributor to find out what they are.

Read the general conditions of sale

They must appear in one way or another, because they must be communicated to the buyer. The general conditions of sale (CGV) define the contractual relations between the website and the online buyer.

They specify in particular the conditions of withdrawal of the buyer, and all the particularities specific to the conditions in which the exchange will take place and can be accepted by each of the parties.

If you have difficulty finding them on the site, you can request them by email or telephone. As soon as the order exceeds a significant amount, it is useful to take note of it. Furthermore, the way in which this request is processed is also a selection criterion.

 Consult user reviews on the sale of saddlery online

Reading these reviews is very often instructive. Provided you know how to read between the lines, consult a large number of them and check the date on which they were issued. Reliable reviews are recent reviews, in sufficient number and with sufficient detail. So that 

  • A simple rating in the form of stars assigned to the purchase certainly gives an indication, but is not really decisive in itself. As the criteria leading to this rating do not appear, they can correspond to a very detailed evaluation as well as a very succinct evaluation.
  • A positive judgment can be a sign of an evaluation that is actually negative, if it is succinct and suggests that the business relationship was, for example, only generally satisfactory.
  • An overall negative judgment can, in reality, be positive, if the negative element put forward by the writer turns out to be insignificant or correspond to an unimportant criterion in the eyes of the reader.

 If you would like more information and ask other questions related to the horse field, I invite you to consult this community: horsecare24