How Digital Technology Influences Education

How Digital Technology Influences Education

Civilisations rise and fall, history tells us that and education has always been an important driver that helps new generations cope with an ever-changing world. If we take a look at our technological progress in just the last 50 years, it paints a picture of major change, especially in the field of education, which we look at in this short article.

Distance learning

Online learning is a game-changer that empowers learners all over the globe; those who live in remote regions no longer have to make the difficult journey to a learning institution, while adults can learn part time with accredited colleges and universities. The pandemic saw distance learning come to the forefront and it has remained, growing in popularity to the point where you can study anything remotely.


Take a top international school in Bangkok as an example, students quickly learn how to self-learn using search engines such as Google, which greatly empowers learners. At Year 9, students incorporate IT into every subject and they are fully equipped to enjoy success in a digital world. Most parents need to ask their kids for help when using IT; the older you are, the harder it is to take onboard new things, so it is crucial that young people are competent using digital tools.

Machine learning

AI is the most exciting thing on the horizon and it is developing at an alarming rate; who knows where this will lead? AI is going to change the way we live, of that there is no doubt and students need to incorporate machine learning into the curriculum; indeed, many students are moving into the field of AI, which offers a challenging and rewarding career. Click here to find out about HHA certification and how to achieve it.

Coding and programming

21st century education should encourage digital coding and developing, as without this, we cannot continue in our tech development. Education is not something set in stone and it should be relevant to the world of today; the digital development train that we are on must morph with new technology.

How to make the most of emerging tech

This is the way that the next generations need to be; making the most from new tech; top international schools focus on functionality. Instructing students how best to use specific devices or systems empowers them to be successful in their lives.

Advanced search functions

If you teach young learners how to use advanced search functions, they are able to find the solutions to difficult problems; self-learning equips a person to fulfil their full potential. Young minds are sponges and kids who are born into a digital world find it easy to understand and make best use of cutting-edge tech. 

The learner is the centre of the process

21st century education is learner-centred, which equips the students in so many ways; critical thinking, problem-solving and thinking outside the box. If future generations are IT competent, they can progress and fulfil their potential.