Management Positions in Thailand; How to Find or Be the Right Candidate

How to Find or Be the Right Candidate

I have lived and worked in Thailand for over 10 years. I will distil my experiences and knowledge to save you time, money, and frustration in your search for placement in the Kingdom over the next few minutes. 

  • Learn the Thai language. A manager at any level knows that keeping the team moving is important. If you are unable to communicate, how can you guide them as a servant/leader? There are different dialects of Thai in various regions; learn Bangkok Thai to a B1+ level. Complex technical positions will require increased proficiency.
  • Placement and executive search in Thailand, same as anywhere, requires relationships. Admit you do not know the market and culture. Enlist the skills of professionals who have industry connections with talent acquisition departments. It is their business. They literally help each other fulfil their jobs by placing you. 
  • You can target companies while in your home country and make a game plan for an employment exploration in Thailand. There is no replacement for face-to-face meetings but that will not happen until later for remote market placement. AI programming will reject your CV/resume on factors set by the company. You will not hear from a human resource professional if your CV/resume hasn’t ticked every box they require. Be sure to include messing-app contact info.
  • Even professionals in an interview and contact process will use texting and emojis in Thailand.  I have received emojis from ranking officials in the police and military. Expect an e-mail and text combination to be the first vector for contact. Turn your alerts on and pay attention to time-zone differences. 
  • Companies looking to attract quality executives need to offer respectful packages for foreigners. Living comfortably is easy here, and not expensive. Financial compensation for the position is determined. I am talking about the logistics of moving here, transportation, document processing, full visa, work permit, and employment contracts that detail all concerns.
  • There are many reasons to choose to live and work in Thailand. Thanks to access to world-class beaches, mountain jungles, metropolitan excitement, country living, diverse flora and fora, the temperature rarely below 18c, and unique flavourful food; I call Thailand home.
  • Thai government and ministries speak clearly about which foreigners they want to host in the Kingdom. They do this through visa and business policies. I am told of past policy changes during dramatic times of violence. I have remained here during the pandemic and seen rapid changes. The Labor Ministry is making significant investments in raising labour standards here. They want their own executives.
  • They have been very supportive of BOI companies. Board Of Investment. Thailand has invested a lot of money in the EEC. The Eastern Economic Corridor of Thailand has new highways, rail, port expansion, and the airport is being EXPANDED into an airport city. A BOI company is involved in manufacturing products for export, thereby increasing GDP. What nation doesn’t like that?

It is to your advantage to be swift and proactive. Visa rules and markets can fluctuate. As stated, they are training and educating their people abroad to be the next generation of managers and executives. You have the opportunity now to be an internal asset. Everyone is in marketing. How will your self-commercial appear to foreign recruiters?