Leather Belt Care 101: Tips For Maintenance And Longevity

Leather Belt Care 101

Belts are not only accessories that serve a purpose; they are tools that are helpful in creating an entire look. For these materials to last and retain the appearance of quality, it is imperative that they are treated properly. Below, we are going to give you some basic measures that will help you to take proper care of your leather belts.

Generally, leather is very delicate and should be handled carefully if it has to last for a long time. The first step, which needs to be taken to ensure that a belt is properly taken care of is to first determine the kind of leather that was used to develop the belt. Some of the types are rugged full-grain or delicate suede which should be cleaned in a slightly different way for the best outcome. If you want more information on leather care and to check out some of the best products for yourself and your loved ones, you will see more at Trafalgar.

Here are general maintenance tips that will assist you to get more years out of the leather belts.

Leather Belts for Men: Basic Care Instructions

It is important that leather belts for men are cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis. To clean your belt, use a soft cloth to lightly rub to get rid of dirt on the surface. This keeps dirt from going deeper into the leather. Moisturizing the leather after several months using an appropriate leather-friendly product helps to maintain flexibility rather than cracking. In case your belt gets wet or stained, you should be careful not to rub it harshly. Instead you should use a clean and soft cloth that has some saddle soap added. Then dry it up under natural conditions. e.g in a bright, well-aired room.

How to Properly Store Your Leather Belt

It goes without saying that storing your belt properly is as important as cleaning it. To store it, hang it in a belt hanger or hang it on a hook so that the belt retains its shape. Store your belt in a clean and dry area, out of direct sunlight because the rays cause colors to fade, and it makes the material weakens over time.

Dealing with Scratches on Leather Belts for Men

When it comes to scratches, nothing is better than a specialized leather cream. Use it in the manner specified on the packaging, though it is always good to try it out on a concealed part of the belt to see whether it might damage it. For minor scratches, you may use some olive oil on a smooth cloth to rub the surfaces. Severe damage however, may need professional help to bring out the best out of the leather belt again.


Taking care of a leather belt is not only a matter of cleaning and storage, but it also requires proper handling every day. Keeping the following tips into consideration will help your leather belts to look good and be durable.