The Cost Of Gopher Damage: Why Prevention And Control Are Essential For Property Owners

Why Prevention And Control Are Essential For Property Owners

Despite the fact that gophers may look like cute characters in cartoons, the truth is that they are a significant headache for homeowners. Gophers are small rodents, however they are capable of wreaking havoc on gardens, lawns, and even the foundations of homes. If improperly addressed, they cause a lot of damage and adversely affect the value of a property. 

Gophers mostly reside in burrows and dig additional tunnels for locomotion and foraging. This tunneling is disruptive to the soil and can negatively impact plant roots, irrigation systems, and landscaping aesthetics. The burrows and mounds they create not only ruin the aesthetics of your garden but also become an obstruction for mowing and walking. Thus, it is crucial to control these pests if any person who owns a house or any other property wants to preserve it and have a nicely landscaped compound.

Gophers: A Look at Their Habits and How They Affect Your Property

Gophers are not social animals, each and every gopher has its own territory under the earth. They feed on plants, and mostly what they seek while digging includes roots and tubers. This diet is the reason that you can find them in the nutrient-rich environments of gardens and farms. Gophers can disrupt underground utilities, deteriorate concrete foundations and eat up expensive plants and shrubs for sustenance.

Gopher Control: Strategies and Techniques

Now let us tell you, there are several humane ways that may be used to control gophers. The first measure is that you have to make your property as uninviting as possible to these pests. Using measures like an underground wire mesh, you are able to prevent gophers from accessing specific areas.

Another widespread approach in gopher management is trapping. Baiting is most effective when done early in the year or early summer when gophers are more active. Using traps in the primary tunnel or close to the most recent mounds can improve the chances of capturing these animals. Your gopher control traps should be checked and cleaned frequently to ensure their proper functioning.

Long-term Benefits of Gopher Management

Routinely controlling gophers is not only a good prevention of the immediate problem with the damaged area(s), but also a good solution in the long-term perspective. Gophers significantly affect the properties physical appearance and functionality by altering the structure of the land, and ultimately, the structure itself. Controlling gophers early means that later on you will not need to employ more destructive and costly ways to remove them. You should remove them before they have settled in.


To sum up, gophers are a difficult pest; however, studying their habits and being active in their prevention renders their danger minimized significantly. Property owners should get proper gopher control methods so that they can save their property and have a beautiful space where they can live for many years. 

As a reminder, it is crucial to respond promptly to prevent these underground animals from prevailing.